12drive The Young Drivers Course built for you

A special online Young Drivers Course with Training Notes, Videos, and a lot more, built by 12drive offering Practical Car Test information to help you pass the test first time and beyond to help learners pass their test quickly.



See what we offer. This site has been designed to help people wanting to learn to drive in a quick and orderly fashion

The Training Matrix

The 12drive young driver’s course has a Training Matrix that gives you a structure to help speed up your learning by putting you in control. You can grade yourself, so by seeing what you are weak or strong at. You can ask your driving instructor to go into more detail on a given subject for your next lesson.

E-book of Training Notes

Students of this Young Drivers Course are now being given a PDF Copy Of the Basic Training Notes of this site to help them pass the driving test quicker. The basic cost of an e-book is £6  there are discounts available

No more thinking what did I do last week and what did my Instructor tell me to do? You can do Homework and prepare yourself for your next lesson.

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The 12drive young driver lesson notes are not designed to replace the Driving Instructor. It is here to help you learn quickly and pass time with Your Driving Instructor

At times the Students of this young drivers course might create questions that you will need to ask your Instructor about. The hope is that you will become a “Safe Driver for Life”

You will be able to come back at any time even after your test to get more information and help

The 12drive young person’s course has a Training Matrix that is a Key for the site as it works on many levels

  1. Gives you a framework to build your study around to become a safe driver.

  2. Links you to over 100 different pages you may want to read.

  3. Gives you chance to grade yourself to help you assess how well you are doing, to decide what you need to do, to develop or need to look at.

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I am a driving Instructor with over 20 years of experience who has qualifications as an Assessor,  Coach, and Mentor. I originally wrote 12drive or Want To Drive for my students when I started to teach.

Now I have been encouraged to share my knowledge and experience with people like You.

Close Colleague of mine called it a Highway Code Plus

12drive has been designed to help anyone wanting to use this young drivers course to become a safe driver for life.

There are Training Notes with Videos to help you recall what you were taught. Then by reading the notes and watching the videos between lessons you can learn to drive quicker.

The Training Matrix is the key to learning to drive quickly

(it is the intellectual property of the webmaster) you have topics to look at which come together like a puzzle. You can look and see what you have learnt and grade yourself then see how well you are doing. The Training Matrix can give you ideas as to what to ask your instructor about to help you learn.

Please read the terms and conditions to understand what the charges are about

There are 2 basic sets of learning pages on 12drive up to the driving test then after the driving test.

The sections for up to the driving test covers the topics I feel are needed to be covered to prepare a student for the test. The section for after the driving test deals with the topics I feel offer useful information for after the test.

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Find Yourself a Driving Instructor

Instructors will be given a highly discounted rate to the site because they will be using it more than normal students.

Registered Driving Instructors as part of their exclusive package within the site will also be able to give their students E-Book at a special rate. However, each E-book will have a header advertising that instructors details and again will be copyrighted to the individual Student.