1,2drive Safe Driving Blog Website

This Safe Driving Blog Website talks about the idea of “Safe Driving for Life”. There are also Training Notes to help you pass your practical test quickly and understand how Road Safety is important

Over the last few years, I have been looking at the concept of Learning to Drive. Looking at the industry I have realised that the average driving instructor does not have time to talk about Safe Driving for Life. Now I want to develop the idea of promoting Safe Driving for Life, so I am building this Blog Site. Please share the information you think useful on Facebook?

The Safe Driving Blog Site

Safe driving blogI have created the Safe Driving Blog Site to share as much information I can find to raise the idea of Road Safety Awareness. My Blog Site covers as many topics promoting Road Safety and Safe Driving. Also, any topics that might crop up such as changes to the driving test or any other changes in the Law that might come. The Safe Driving Blog has been built to help promote the idea of “Safe Driving for Life“.

Training Notes to help prepare for Practical Test

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been building and developing my  Practical Training Notes for my students. THESE TRAINING NOTES ARE NOT DESIGNED TO HELP YOU PREPARE FOR THE THEORY TEST. With the Practical Training Notes, you can save money by doing some homework, by revising what you have learnt and then by looking ahead to future lessons. All my students have been using it. Please look below for more information.

The 12drive Young Drivers Course notes and Training Matrix has been designed help the Driving Instructor not replace them.

By using the Training Matrix, students can start to see what they have been taught explained in bite size chunks and revise what they want to learn. The Training Matrix is the key of the Training Notes to learning to drive quickly. (It is copyrighted to the Webmaster and is his intellectual  property). You have topics to look at which come together like a puzzle. By looking and see what you have learnt, then by grading for yourself, can see how you are doing. Using the Training Matrix can give your ideas as to what to ask your instructor to help you learn.

They, been created to help you learn quickly and pass time while working with Your Driving Instructor

driving instructorThe Training Notes have Videos to help you recall what you were taught. Then by reading the notes and by writing notes for yourself between lessons, you can learn to drive quicker. There are also links to other websites to help you develop a fuller knowledge of “Safe Driving for Life”