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The 12drive  website has built to help you prepare and to pass your driving test in the quickest time.

We help to link your Practical Training with your Theory Training. Our Training Notes and Videos can help you prepare for the practical test and learn to drive by reading and seeing what you’ve done or need to do with your instructor. The Blogs help you find out about different parts of becoming a “Safe Driver for Life”


Using our system can help you can save money by doing some homework, revising what you have learnt and then by looking ahead to future lessons

By using this site and its training matrix and Blogs, students can see what they need to learn and revise what they have to learn. There are simple to step by step notes and videos to see what we offer.

E-book of Basic Training Notes

Students of this Young Drivers Course can buy a PDF Copy of the Basic Training Notes to help them pass the driving test quicker. The basic cost of an e-book is £5

No more thinking – What did I do last week and what did my Instructor tell me to do? You can now do Homework and prepare yourself for your next lesson.

The 12drive Young Drivers Course notes are not designed to replace the Driving Instructor. It is here to help you learn quickly and pass time while working with Your Driving Instructor

At times students reading this young drivers course might want to ask questions to their Instructor. This is part of the reason we created this site.

The hope is that you will become a “Safe Driver for Life”

The Young Drivers Course Training Matrix

The 12drive young driver’s course has a Training Matrix that gives you a structure to help speed up your learning by putting you in control. You can download a copy of the Training Matrix  After reading the matrix you can grade yourself, thereby seeing what you are weak or strong at. By being able to revise what you have learnt and plan ahead. Doing your homework can save you money. You could need fewer lessons.

You can then ask your driving instructor to go into more detail on a given subject for your next lesson.

Young Drivers Course

The 12drive Young Drivers Course has been designed to help anyone wanting to use this young drivers course to become a safe driver for life.

The Training Notes have Videos to help you recall what you were taught. Then by reading the notes and watching the videos between lessons you can learn to drive quicker. There are also links to other websites to help you develop a fuller knowledge of “Safe Driving for Life”

The Training Matrix is the key to learning to drive quickly

(It is copyrighted to the Webmaster and is his intellectual property) you have topics to look at which come together like a puzzle. You can look and see what you have learnt and grade yourself then see how well you are doing. Using the Training Matrix can give you ideas as to what to ask your instructor to help you learn.

Please read the terms and conditions of the 12drive Young Drivers Course to understand what the charges are about

There are 2 basic sets of learning pages on 12drive up to the driving test then after the driving test.

The sections for up to the driving test covers the topics we feel are needed to be covered to prepare a student for the test. The section for after the driving test deals with the topics we feel offer useful information for after the test.

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