How to maintain appropriate speed, position and control when driving a vehicle

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Know how to maintain appropriate speed, position and control when driving the vehicle. Now when appropriate speed, position and control when driving a vehicle. You can describe the effects the environment and weather have on the: road traffic condition speed and position. Different weather conditions will affect the amount of drip that your car has to the road surface. When driving in the rain, your stopping distance will double of what you normally need at a certain speed. When driving on the snow, your stopping distance will increase up to ten times. So if the weather conditions aren’t ideal, you must take the extra distance between you and the following car. The different weather conditions may cause people to be more cautious while driving in town. In some extreme weather…
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Car Safety Checks before driving

BTEC Level 2 Demonstrating Safe Diving
Car Safety checks before you start a journey. There is something called the cockpit check. These are the basic car safety checks that need to be done before Driving : - Door Seat Seatbelt and Mirror check If you are going for a long drive or have not driven the car for a while you will need to test the car with following safety checks: Check all your fluids such as oil, window cleaner and coolant. Check that all your lights are working properly including (headlights, taillights, indicators and stop light). To check that you stop light is working properly just ask somebody to press the pedal for you. You can park your car against the wall and push the pedal yourself. Then you can easily find out if your…
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