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This website page is the introduction to the 12drive Learn to Drive Training Course.

The learn to drive training course has been built to help learners to pass their test quickly. It does not try to replace the need for a Driving Instructor but to work alongside them.Learn to drive training course

This course has been built to promote the idea of Safe Driving as a Life Skill. It works alongside driving instructors allowing students to revise what they learnt in their last lesson. Then students will be able to read some notes to help them prepare for the next lesson. Using this System of Training the course can be used by students to help reduce the number of lessons needed to get to the test standard.

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Blog Site promoting Road Safety

Alongside the learn to drive training course we have included a blog and monthly newsletter. Which has been designed to promote Road Safety along with other Changes in the Law related to driving. Just fill in the widget at the Side or at the Footer of the page to get a Monthly NewsLetter. If you have any Topics regarding the Driving Test or about Road Safety please send us a message and we will see what we can do

Facebook and Twitter Updates

We have a both a Facebook Page and Twitter feed we ask our friends and members to like them.  To share them and to make comments, to share any comments or pages of training with their friends so that we can expand the service we offer

  • Basic Car / Driving Knowledge

    This section acts as an introduction to learning to drive. Describing the different controls of the car and how to use them

  • Basic Road Knowledge

    This section looks at how we use different road Junctions

  • Driving on the Road

    This section looks at some of the different problems found when driving on the road

  • Manoeuvre

    This section looks at the different maneuvers that you could be asked to complete on the test

  • Independent Driving
  • Driving test


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