Do you want help to pass your driving test?

The 12drive Online Training Course can give you help to pass your driving test

Helping you to expand your knowledge of how to be a Safe driver and pass your driving test, working alongside your Instructor.


With individual training notes with pictures and videos. To help you revise and or reflect on what you have learnt. The site has been designed to help you work with your driving instructor to plan ahead while you learn to drive

1,2drive has been built to develop  and help pass your driving test by expanding your learning to drive experience. Working along with the training you’re Driving Instructor gives you. It has Training Notes, Pictures and Videos to help develop your training. The Training Course follows a step by step system using our List of Topics (Curriculum) linking a number of driving lessons that a driving instructor might teach

Now after the Government’s Lock Down regulations I feel many people might be looking to pass their test as soon as possible. The local driving instructors are going to be very busy. So by using these training notes students wanting to try and prepare for their test on their own can use these notes. Especially the explanation of how the driving test is marked. I’ve set the price of £15 for 6 months to help everyone prepare to pass the practical test

Now a student can read a set of Training Notes in detail for a given subject. Along with Diagrams Videos covering a given lesson. They might have had an instructor to explain and show what they need to do.  Now the notes can be used to revise or help reflect on what they have learnt. If a student wants, they can use the notes to look ahead and prepare for another lesson with their instructor
Up To the Driving Test

For all my students who join my Training Course. I will give Free Downloads of PDF’s of the Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs


By using 12drive students can develop the idea that Road Safety is a Life Skill. The Notes have been developed to cover all they need to pass their driving test. However, there is more, there is useful information for after their driving test. Such as motorway driving, buying a car, what to do if you have an accident and more.

Have a look at the Topics (Curriculum) that 12drives offers. Follow this link to see the full list of topics available with some free pages to give you a taste of what we have to offer

About Me

Since I started teaching some 27 years ago, I have witnessed a number Road Accidents. I feel that if those involved had followed some simple rules and guidelines, they would never have happened. Therefore, I developed my Training Notes which became a Step by Step online Driver Training Course to help my students do Homework between Lesson.    I’ve found those of my students that bothered to do the homework.   It took a shorter time to understand Road Safety as Life Skill. They Saved Money and took Fewer Lessons to learn to drive and pass their test. They have told me they felt they had saved at least 5 hours of lessons by doing the extra homework or more.

I have been looking at changing and developing my methods of training when teaching my students to Learn to Drive as a Life Skill. After studying as an assessor coach and mentor in 2004 I developed a Training Matrix. Which helped develop a Framework that promotes learning

The DVSA has produced a leaflet consisting of a tick box of subjects called the Drivers-Record that a student could grade themselves with.

A Step by Step Online Training Course

I started to use my skills as a website designer to create a different type of website site. A course designed to save money by giving you help to pass your driving test needing fewer lessons using this online training course. Giving you help the student do homework between lessons. To revise what they have done and partly to give them a framework of what information they will need for the next lesson. This training should help them develop the idea of Road Safety as a life skill and need Fewer Lessons 

This COURSE ABOUT ROAD SAFETY cannot replace the need for A Good Driving Instructor to learn to drive.

Always use a driving Instructor to learn to drive Who can guide and point out learning problems along with other training/safety needs? A Qualified and Experienced Driving Instructor is essential when learning to be a Safe Driver for Life. The student’s need to be directed in ways, so they can be safe drivers for life.

The Course About Road Safety has been designed as an online Training Course and Road Safety Reference Source, to Supplement the Driving Instructor.   They are NOT intended to Replace any Driving Instructor in any way.

You Can Save Money with Fewer Lessons

By using the Training Matrix with our Online Training Course idea. Students can start to see and think about what they have been taught. Then use a grading method to start them thinking about how well they know the subjects taught them. They can consider which subjects they want to learn next. 
step by step online Driver Training CourseThe Step by Step online Training Course has been written in a bite-size form to help students understand what needs to be learned. Combining the lessons given by a good driving instructor with the training notes. Can help reduce the number of lessons needed to pass the practical test because the student is doing homework.  The website has been designed to help you Save Money need fewer, learn quickly and pass the time while working with Your Driving Instructor. The Training Notes have Videos to help students remember what you were taught.Furthermore, by reading the notes and by writing notes for yourself between lessons, you can save money and need fewer lessons. Also, there are also links to other websites to help you develop a fuller knowledge of “Safe Driving for Life.”

Do you want help to pass your driving test and save money by having fewer lessons

I realise Students studying at Sixth Schools, Academies and colleges have trouble affording driving lessons. So often must go to The Bank of Mum and Dad or Grandparents. This Course can help everyone by creating a Birthday, Christmas and Easter present etc. For those studying or wanting to learn to drive
The Step by Step online Driver Training Course is designed to help prepare the student to learn to drive. Even give ideas how parents can help thier children pass the Practical Test with fewer lessons

Extra help to pass your driving test.

Here is a link about the Show Me Tell Me questions and a link for those students who do not have a driving instructor but want to use thier parents car.

Here is a couple of links to get Insurance for the student without using there own parents insurance



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