12drive online training note website

Welcome to the 12drive online training note website. The site is known as “want to drive” (12drive). It has been developed as an interface between instructors and students.

The website has pages with information for student preparing to pass their practical driving test

Please click on the button to find out what the site offers.

You can see the website’s different pages by following this link or by downloading this Training Matrix. Please note you will need to share your email address to download the training matrix. Also, the price for using the site depends on whether you are a student or a driving instructor.

The 12drive online practical training note uses our Training Matrix.that acts as an interface. The website has notes covering the DVSA core of competencies and extra pages that I feel are useful to new drivers. All a user needs to do is click on a page link.

The Green Section covers the topics leading up to the practical driving test and an explanation as to how the driving test is marked. Finally, the Brown Section looks at information from the DVSA Core of Competencies and topics I feel are helpful for New Drivers.

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