Welcome to the 12drive On-line Training Course.

Helping to expand your Knowledge of Learning to drive, working along with your Instructor.

With a Supplementary section giving information that you might want having passed your driving test

1,2drive has been built to add to your learning to drive experience. Along with your Driving Instructor it has Training Notes, Pictures  and Videos. The Training Course follows a step by step system using a Training Matrix linking a number of driving lessons that a driving instructor might teach. That is £5 a Month less than the price of a cup of coffee a week 

Now a student can read Training Notes in detail, then they can look at diagrams and view Videos covering a given lesson. They might have had with an instructor to help them revise and consolidate what they learnt.

We all learn in different ways 12drive develops the ideas for students that learn on a Visual, Audio and Written methods. Not only can a student revise on lessons they have had, a student can Read, See and View lessons that they have not yet had. Thereby possible reducing the number of lessons a student need to pass the test. 

There is also a section Costing £5 a month that covers the information you might use after passing your Driving Test

After the Driving Test

By using 12drive students have a chance to learn to have access an increased store of knowledge to help develop the idea that Road Safety is a Life Skill.

By adding the Course about Road Safety, for an extra £2.50 students can add access to extra Note Pictures and Videos of subjects such as Dealing with Motorways, Buying a Car and getting Insurance

Full training Course

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Per month

  • Training Notes up to the Practical Test
  • Free PDF Know Your Traffic Signs
  • 1 Years Access


Per month

  • Training Notes for After the Test
  • Free PDF Highway Code
  • 1 Years Access


Per month

  • The Complete set of the Training Notes
  • Course About Road Safety (CARS)
  • Free PDF Know your Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs
  • 1 Years Access

What are you looking for?

(1) A Beginners Course,  (2) A Part Trained Course,  (3) A Driving Test Rescue Course,  (4) A Confidence Building Course

Below is a slideshow of the websites that make up the 12drive Platform

About Me

Since I started teaching some 24 years ago, I have witnessed a number Road Accidents. I feel that if those involved had followed some simple rules and guidelines, they would never have happened. Therefore, I developed my Training Notes which became a Step by Step online Driver Training Course to help my students do Homework between Lesson.    I’ve found those of my students that bothered to do the homework.   It took a shorter time to understand Road Safety as Life Skill. They Saved Money and took Fewer Lessons to learn to drive and pass their test. They have told me they felt they had saved at least 5 hours of lessons by doing the extra homework or more.

I have been looking at changing and developing my methods of training when teaching my students to Learn to Drive as a Life Skill. After studying as an assessor coach and mentor in 2004 I developed a  Training Matrix. Which helped develop a Framework that promotes learning
The DVSA has produced a leaflet consisting of a tick box of subjects called the Drivers-Record that a student could grade themselves with.

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