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Introducing 12drive, a new concept of online Training Notes.

12drive offers special help to students wanting to pass their driving test quickly. By using our, online training notes that are specially built for students. Also, by using a unique Training Matrix 2021 April designed to help students follow and plan their training with their instructor.
As a Professional Assessor, Coach and Mentor. I have built this website with a unique Training Matrix 2021 April that I have copyrighted. Unlike many driving schools, I do not just use YouTubes, I also offer a specially designed set of training notes, along with pictures and videos. To help students revise, reflect and plan lessons while training with an instructor. I am introducing the concept of all-round learning. Many people I have found don’t realise they learn on many levels, while learning to drive.
By using the idea of learning with audio, visual, and written means that combined with the physical learning a average instructor uses. So, by putting this together, this training system will help you to pass your driving test that bit quicker.
The training matrix allows students to grade themselves. So, they can discover how well they feel about different learning topics and subjects and look at the whole picture. The website offers them help, preparing for and passing their driving test. By offering notes on subjects, that the students feel they need help to develop.

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Test Booked no Instructor.

After the lifting of the Government’s COVID Lockdown regulations, many people are looking for help to pass their test as soon as possible. Driving Instructors are going to be terribly busy. I am offering students help to pass their driving test with my set of online training notes. I have also created a web page with useful information for those students who have a Driving test booked but no instructor
By using these training notes, students can prepare for their test on their own. They will be able to use these notes and pass their driving test.

Using our Online Training Notes to prepare for the Test.

I offer a set of online training notes for students wanting help to pass their driving test. Besides reading the notes,
 looking at the pictures and videos on your own, you can share these notes with your family and friends. I have started by creating a page
 covering the ideas of the first steps to learning to drive On line training course - Learn to drive with online training notes
By joining the Online Training Notes, you can get help to learn to drive and pass your driving test. I hope you will also find an explanation of how the driving test is marked useful.Please remember the person supervising you must be over 21 and have at least 3 years of experience in the type of car you are driving. They must not accept ANY PAYMENT for their services. That includes Money or Gifts. If the DVSA find out, they can prosecute them, and they will face a £1000 fine.

Getting help from 12drive to pass your driving test using the Online Training Notes.

I would recommend students should join 12drive. Then by finding the appropriate set of Training Notes. They can find the information they need to prepare for the driving test. Along with the Diagrams and Videos covering a given lesson. To get the  help they want, to pass their driving test. I have created a page with 15 top tips preparing you to pass your driving test,
The online training notes I have created are designed to help students learning to drive. Also students preparing to pass their driving test. I have added an extra set of Training notes giving new drivers information that they might find interesting when they start driving on their own.
By using the training notes to expand your knowledge of how to drive safely. You can work with your instructor and using his expert knowledge you will have an excellent chance of passing your driving test. So as this is such a new concept, I am offering the first months access for free.
Would you like some ideas on how you can save money when learning to drive then click on the link?
Help passing your driving test Using online training notes


Since I started teaching some 27 years ago, I have witnessed several Road Accidents. I feel that if those involved had followed a few simple rules and guidelines, they would never have happened.
Therefore, I developed my Training Notes which became a Step-by-Step online Driver Training Course. By encouraging my students to do some homework between lesson I hope to reduce the number of lessons needed with an instructor.
I’ve found those of my students who bothered to do the homework. Took a shorter time to understand ‘Road Safety as a Life Skill’. They Saved Money and took Fewer Lessons to learn and pass their test.
They have told me they felt they’d saved at least 5 hours of lessons by doing the extra homework. After studying as an assessor coach and mentor in 2004 I developed a Training Matrix. Which I developed into a Framework or Curriculum that helps promote guided learning.

I hope to help you become a safe driver for life.

This course has been designed to help students save money by giving them structured help to pass their driving test. So, they will need fewer lessons using this online training course.

The Training Matrix has been designed to provide a structured training system to help students see what they have achieved. To see what they need to develop to be able to pass their test. This training system has been developed with the idea of ‘Road Safety as a Life Skill’. Ultimately helping students pass their driving test with a fuller knowledge of Road Safety.
I realise this is a new concept of learning having the opportunity to use training notes. Using pictures and videos to revise, reflect and prepare for your lessons. Also having a syllabus (Training Matrix) written in a way that you can grade yourself on each topic. Seeing the different topics, you need to know about before taking your test. This will give you an opportunity to decide what you need to develop with your instructor. To go back on and revise, or to start looking at in your own time.
To give you a chance to see what I am offering over the next few months I am offering the first month’s access for free.

Extra help, your driving test.

Now that Covid has been lifted Driving Instructors are going to be extremely

So I’ve added some extra links to help you prepare for your test.


Here is a link to get Insurance for the student without using their own parent’s insurance.

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