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1,2drive website promotes Safe Driving for Life, learn to drive as a Life Skill

Thank you for coming from our eBay and Google Plus pages. Learn to drive and start developing the idea of Safe driving for life using the 12drive website. The website is the hub of my Multi-Media Network

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A Beginners Course, A Part Trained Course, A Driving Test Rescue Course, A Confidence Building Course

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This website has a Blog Site and set of Training Notes built around an Online Training CourseWorking around the concept of “Safe Driving for Life” to learn to drive as a Life Skill

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Since the beginning of the new millennium, the DVSA has been updating its methods of instructor training to improve the Standard of Safe Driving for Life.  Linked together with how students are trained, to learn to drive promoting the concept of Safe Driving for Life.

Slider Online Training CourseI have been looking at changing and developing my methods of training when teaching my students to learn to drive, Safe Driving for Life. After studying as an assessor coach and mentor in 2004 I developed a  Training Matrix. Along with a set of Training Notes to help my students. The DVSA has produced a leaflet consisting of a tick box of subjects called the Drivers-Record that a student could grade themselves with.

Training Notes

Since I started teaching I have been giving my students a copy of my Training Notes to help them do Homework between lessons. I’ve found those students that bothered to do the homework.  Took a shorter time to understand what Safe Driving for Life is and to learn to drive. They have told me they felt they had saved at least 5 hours of lessons by doing the extra homework.

I started to use my skills as a website designer to create a different type of website site. This website has a Safe Driving Blog to promote Safe Driving as a Life Skill. and an Online Training Course. To help the student do homework between lessons, partly to revise what they have done and partly to give them a framework of what information they will need for the next lesson. This training should help them develop the idea of Safe Driving for Life.

However, the TRAINING NOTE COURSE cannot replace the need for a Good Driving Instructor.

Always use a driving Instructor to learn to drive

Who can guide and point out learning problems along with other training/safety needs? A Qualified and Experienced Driving Instructor is essential when learning to be a Safe Driver for Life.  The student’s need to be directed in ways so they can be safe drivers for life.

The Training Notes have been designed as an online Training Reference Source to Supplement the Driving Instructor.   They are NOT intended to Replace any Driving Instructor in any way.

ebay logo A copy of the Training Notes is now available on eBay please click on the Logo

By using the Training Matrix, students can start to see and think about what they have been taught. Then use a grading method to start them thinking about how well they know the subjects taught them. They can consider which subjects they want to learn next. Hopefully, the Notes and Blogs will promote Safe Driving for Life. The Training Notes have been written in a bite-size form to help students understand what needs to be learnt. However, the student still need the services of a good qualified and experienced driving instructor

The website has been designed to help you learn quickly and pass the time while working with Your Driving Instructor

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The Training Notes now have Videos to help students remember what you were taught.

Furthermore, by reading the notes and by writing notes for yourself between lessons, you can learn to drive quickly. Also, there are also links to other websites to help you develop a fuller knowledge of “Safe Driving for Life.”

The Online Training Notes Course is designed to help prepare the student Learn to drive and pass the Practical Test

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been building and developing my Practical Training Notes. The Notes have been designed to give the student a framework of learning which could reduce the number of professional driving lessons one would need. The notes are not designed to replace driving instructors. Students need to have a coach to help build their understanding of what Safe Driving for Life is. They can save students money by doing some homework. By revising what you have learnt and by looking ahead to future lessons the process of learning can be improved. Also, to help promote learning, students could be asked to write comments on what they feel they have learnt and what they feel they need to learn.

The Safe Driving as a Life Skill Blog Site

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The Blog aims to cover many topics promoting Road Safety and Safe Driving as a Life Skill. Also, if any issues might crop up such as changes to the driving test or any other changes in the Law that might come.

Currently, the blogs are being written from the viewpoint of a diary of Fictional Lessons given by a driving instructor

Slider Blog PostI have created the Safe Driving Blog Site to share as much information as possible. To help raise the idea of Road Safety Awareness for Life. My Blog Site aims to cover as many topics promoting Road Safety and Safe Driving as a Life Skill. Also, any issues that might crop up such as changes to the driving test or any other changes in the Law that might come. The Safe Driving Blog is built to promote the idea of “Safe Driving as a Life Skill“.

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