Appropriate mode of Transport?

What would be an appropriate mode of Transport?

Eco Driving

Car – own or share consider eco costs

When you consider whether to use your car or car is an appropriate mode of Transport share there are several factors you need to take into account. Sometimes it is worth considering the advantages & disadvantages of running a car. Some people will think about how far do you travel in a car can you walk or bike instead I am not prepared to comment on that because I do not know your personal circumstance & the decision, in the end, is a personal decision that only you can make.

I feel you need to take into consideration the costs involved. For Your Car – How much does it cost to buy the car? How much will it cost to replace the car?  Ensure the car. Maintain & the car. How much fuel are you going to use?

If you are going to share a car you will need to work out who pays what & how much everyone will pay. Sometimes it can be useful to travel to work in each other’s car. For example, 4 people going to work from the same area person 1 week 1 person 2 weeks 2 etc. That way in the end everyone reduces the running cost to & from work by a quarter. That seems simple but it can save money if people would only talk & agree with one another. For the economical minder, it makes good sense & reduces the carbon footprint for the eco-friendly people out there.

Appropriate mode of Transport

Bike – pedal or motor

If you use a bike as an appropriate mode of Transport again you need to consider the cost factor of the bike which will be similar to that of a car but you will not be able to share a bike with a friend. However, there are some positive & negative factors to take into account.

On a pedal bike, there is the health factor you are more likely to become healthier because of the extra exercise you will get. Unfortunately, there is a downside some members of the driving community do not think bicycles should be on the road so try to encourage them to leave the road as soon as possible. Also, some of the cyclists forget that they need to be seen in the dark so fail to have working lights on their bikes or wear HiViz Jackets so other road users can see them. Another Disadvantage is the riders tend to get wet in the rain.


On a Motorcycle, the health factor is removed but the fact some vehicle do not like or see you is still there the fact you are harder to see is always there but you could have the advantage of being able to accelerate out of trouble. There can be a disadvantage/advantage of being able to slip through traffic easier.  the appropriate mode of Transport


Public Transport

If you use Public transport you are reducing your Carbon Footprint & the cost of buying a vehicle& maintaining the vehicle is removed. The disadvantages, however, is that you are limited as to when & where you get your transport but for some, it is the only option to get from point a to b



If you work there is a great health factor in your favour however there could be a time factor because of all the other options this is the slowest form of transport & limiter as to how far you can travel. If you use this option please remember to be sure you can be seen in situations of poor visibility such as rain fog or night. Wear a Hi/Viz jacket or tabard would be very strongly recommended. the appropriate mode of Transport

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