Drive safe

What do you need to think about to be sure you be safe to drive

 Are you fit to drive?

fit to drive

Firstly look at what need to consider when thinking, am I fit to Drive? The minimum eyesight requirement that needs to be meet so you are fit to drive. The Highway Code says you must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate from 20 meters. (Highway Code 92). Should your eyesight drop below this requirement you must inform the DVLA. When you are over 70 years old you are recommended to talk to your doctor before you sign a medical disclaimer saying you are fit to drive


Medical Conditions

Now let’s talk about other medical conditions which can change and affect your ability to drive so you know you are fit to drive. There are several Neurological conditions or brain conditions which affect you. They are epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia. All these conditions need a doctor to decide whether you are fit to drive.

There are things we buy that will affect whether you are fit to drive. We drink alcoholic drinks which by drinking too much will make it illegal for us to drive. We can also take drugs that are illegal, prescribed or buy over the counter.


Lastly, I want to look at another set of conditions that can affect us and change our ability so we are longer fit to drive. That is whether we are tired or in an emotional state that can affect us. Tiredness, most of us suffer from time to time but many people I meet don’t realise it can be a killer. Lastly, there is the use of alcohol, in some countries no there is a requirement that there should be no alcohol in the system at all

I’ve talked very briefly about many different ways you might not be fit to drive. This is a complicated subject which I have covered in more detail on my website.

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To overlook what I have said, how many different ways could you not be fit to drive?

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