Becoming a Driving Instructor

Becoming a Driving Instructor

 When considering becoming a driving instructor I would recommend anybody who is considering this excellent career goes in knowing exactly what to expect.

 Consider how much is this training will cost, how long will it take, what are the chances of me passing, what happens if I do not pass? Contact the Driving Instructors Association & Driving Standards Agency websites to find out.

You should also consider is there enough work out in the market to keep you financially afloat. Why not contact your local business link organization to find out how to prepare to start a new business. Build yourself a business plan to find out how many hours you need to work to cover your personal & business expenses.

I would ask a question for you to answer. Why should a student looking for a driving instructor come to you & not an established driving school, what makes you special?

Instructor training

This page has been constructed to help anybody thinking about becoming a Driving Instructor.

There are many adverts claiming that you could earn over £30k a year as a driving instructor. You can, so long as you charge £20 a lesson work 30 hours a week for 50 weeks a year. Now this, on paper looks good however the Driving Instructors Association claim the average driving instructor works only an average 25 hours a week.

Many newly qualified instructors can find enough work among family & friends for the first 6 – 12 months after that they have to look else where. A driving instructor has to be a person of many trades, a salesman, businessman, councillor, & mechanic among many other trades as required by his customers.

Are you still interested? Good now read on.

Before signing your life away in training costs please consider this information. 50% of people taking the first Test fail, 40% the second Test & another 40% fail the last Test. That means out of say 1000 prospective instructors only 250 become instructors. After qualifying another 40% drop out because they can not make a living.

This is why many instructor training organizations like to set a fixed fee for their training because many prospective candidates drop out before they complete the course. Consider carefully before signing up is there enough of a trade in your area to support you in your business. It will be well worth your time to build a business plan to find out how many hours you will need to work to support your personal & family expenses. Also consider what are you signing up for are there any hidden charges & how long are you signing up for how much does it cost you?

I have enclosed links to websites to help you find information to help you build your own business plan most important & links to Driving Instructor Organizations to help you find out about the business & its problems. I am not giving any help choosing a training organization.

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