BTEC Level 2 demonstrating safe driving

The demonstrating safe driving qualification can help reduce insurance costs and help get you a better job.

It has long been recognized for a while that new drivers are at most risk from crashing. This in part is down to lack of experience on the road and dare we say. A cavalier attitude to driving once that person has passed the driving test. The qualification is more than passing your Test

BTEC Level 2 demonstrating safe drivingThe BTEC Level 2: demonstrating safe driving (car driver) aims to minimise the risks that are associated with new drivers. This is a course that can be completed during your driving lessons with your instructor. Or else through doing a self study at home with email support from your instructor. The BTEC Level 2: demonstrating safe driving(car driver) is a great thing that you can start this from the age of 16! This is more than passing your Test

The BTEC Level 2: demonstrating safe driving (car driver). The course focuses around developing good, safe driving attitudes that will last a lifetime and includes practical exercises along with a written workbook.

  • Many young people now are doing BTEC subjects at school and college. So are familiar with the structure of the course. Naturally because this is a qualification for driving there will be a practical element, and this is completed when you have passed your driving test. The reason for this is so that you will be able to demonstrate your abilities on a motorway

In addition to gaining this valuable qualification you could also receive a discount on your car insurance after passing your Test

What’s more, you’ll even gain a recognized BTEC qualification that will look great on your CV. which is worth 7 QCF Points

When the students start training they should be given the paperwork needed to complete the Written Training part of the BTEC.

Summary of the benefits of obtaining a BTEC Level 2 demonstrating safe driving along with passing your Test

  • These will be a new qualifications to add to your CVImprove your CV
  • In today’s climate, getting a job is becoming more and more competitive. Give yourself the best possible chance with an extra qualification to add to your CV.
  • This qualification could be the competitive edge you need to gain your place at college or university
  • some insurance companies give a discounts on your car insurance.
  • This Award will teach you the skills to drive safely and efficiently for life

Here are some Files you can download to find out more about these qualifications. Please note they are in Word Document format so you will be able to update them on your computer instead of having to print them out.

Units & Standards  An explanation of what the course is about

K&U Vehicle Questions The Questions you will need to answer about the vehicle checks

Unit 1 Assignment The Assessment that you will need to search the Anydriver website to find the information

Workbook these are the questions you will need the answers to

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