Course about Road Safety – CARS – a Life Skill


This course is a combination of training up to the Driving Test after the Driving Test

Full training Course

The first part of the course looks at the topics related to learning to drive and pass your driving test.

It comes with Notes Pictures and Videos explaining each step of learning to pass the driving test. This will help readers remember previous lessons and look ahead and plan for future driving lessons.

Thereby reducing the cost of the need for employing a Driving Instructor. Students using this training method receive a fuller form of training than just relying on what is remembered after a number of driving lessons with an Instructor.

The second section looks at topics that people who have just passed the driving test. Such as driving on a Motorway, buying a car or insurance. Also, it looks at topics like what to do if you witness or have an accident.

This course has not been designed to help with the theory test but help with the real topics that come up after learning to drive.


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