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I Have a Problem Learning to DriveWelcome to the 12drive Blog Site. We are going to look at different problems when …2020/07/012020-07-01 16:22:02
Insurance for the learner and first-time insurance driverIn this blog, I am going to look at why we need Driving Insurance. Explaining …2019/03/052019-03-05 21:36:02
RecommendationsWelcome to 12drive Recommended Page Osadiaye Osarodion  recommends 20 September ·  He is very experienced and can …2018/12/072018-12-07 21:51:14
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Driving on the Road for the first time then turning leftA Fictitious Blog Diary of a Driving Instructor We discuss and train Driving on the Road …2018/05/20, , 2018-05-20 19:34:27
Introduction to Clutch Control, parking and starting on a HillIntroduction – Today is a Monday my first driving lesson with John. Part 2 of my …2018/05/13, , 2018-05-13 20:26:25
First Driving Lesson Cockpit Drill Hand and Foot ControlsIntroduction – Today is a Monday my first driving lesson with John. He has told …2018/05/12, , , 2018-05-12 21:37:45
How to maintain appropriate speed, position and control when driving a vehicleKnow how to maintain appropriate speed, position and control when driving the vehicle. Now when …2017/05/082017-05-08 07:43:35
Car Safety Checks before drivingCar Safety checks before you start a journey. There is something called the cockpit check. …2017/05/012017-05-01 09:00:31
There has been a change in speed limit fines find out how they could affect youHave a look at the Change in Speed Limit Fines can affect you The change in …2017/04/232017-04-23 11:11:40
Safe Road Skills and Attitudes BTEC Level OneEdexcel BTEC Level One Award and Certificate The qualification presents an incredible opportunity for anyone …2017/04/182017-04-18 14:00:06
The New Driving Test Explained starts on 4th DecOn April 15th the DVSA announced the New Driving Test. Allow me to try and …2017/04/152017-04-15 13:50:23
Why do I need to take the Theory Test?I get asked why do I need to take the theory test as my father …2017/04/012017-04-01 09:00:21
Help, I want to learn to driveAs a Driving Instructor, I have several enquiries saying – Help, I want to learn …2017/03/262017-03-26 13:48:38
A short history of Pedestrian CrossingThis blog is a quick look at the history of the Pedestrian Crossing Pedestrian Crossings In …2017/03/192017-03-19 20:09:49
Show me Tell me questionsIn this blog, I will look at the Show me Tell me questions from the …2017/03/122017-03-12 18:17:48
Why it is dangerous to use a mobile phones while drivingI want to talk about why it is dangerous to use a mobile phone while …2017/03/072017-03-07 13:51:37
Changes to the child seat belt LawHere I to talk about the changes to the child seat belt law. Here are …2017/02/162017-02-16 19:28:50
Dealing with Emergency Service VehiclesDealing with Emergency Service Vehicles Loud lights and flashing blue lights warn us of emergency …2017/02/112017-02-11 09:00:17
Traffic Calming MethodsIn this blog, firstly I want to think why we use traffic calming methods. I …2017/02/042017-02-04 09:00:31
A basic First Aid blogThis First Aid blog has been copied from the website address I have copied …2017/01/312017-01-31 09:00:58
Knowing where to expect vulnerable road usersWe know that Pedestrians can be vulnerable road users, Why? If we were to think …2017/01/28, , 2017-01-28 09:00:19
How to respond to an accident or breakdownIn this blog, I want to talk and get you to consider respond to an …2017/01/24, , , , , 2017-01-24 09:00:11
Reasons why regular checks for your car are usefulIn this blog, I am going to talk about why we need to make the …2017/01/17, , , , , , 2017-01-17 09:00:31
How vulnerable road users can stay safe when using the roadIn this, I want to talk about how Vulnerable road users can stay safe using …2017/01/07, , , , , , , , , 2017-01-07 09:00:44
Dealing with Railway Crossings and TramwaysIn this blog, I will talk about how we are expected to use Railway Crossings …2016/12/21, , 2016-12-21 09:00:12
Know your traffic signs and signalsTo start with when we are looking at your traffic signs and signals. Be aware …2016/12/142016-12-14 09:00:09
How to plan a Journey considering time and costI want to plan a journey Hi on my last blog I talked about different …2016/12/102016-12-10 09:00:34
Risk of having an accident while using the roadRisk of having an accident In my previous blogs, I talked planning a journey. Now …2016/12/10, 2016-12-10 09:00:33
The Different Types of Road UsersThe Different Types of Road Users Today while I was driving and teaching I started …2016/12/032016-12-03 09:00:38
Will Europeans need new driving licensesWill Europeans need new driving licenses now that the UK has voted to leave the …2016/06/262016-06-26 20:53:38
BTEC Level 2 demonstrating safe drivingThe demonstrating safe driving qualification can help reduce insurance costs and help get you a …2016/06/202016-06-20 11:23:43
What do you need to think about to be sure you be safe to drive Are you fit to drive? Firstly look at what need to consider when thinking, am …2016/06/142016-06-14 18:37:56
Invisible PedestriansInvisible Pedestrians Blog Taken from  The Dile Website That night the shock set in! A …2016/06/012016-06-01 17:56:52
Index of BlogsA short history of Pedestrian Crossing Safe Driving Changes to the child seat belt Law …2016/01/252016-01-25 17:39:17
Problems of introducing the Graduated Driving LicenceProblems of introducing the graduated driving licence On a previous Blog, the Author explained how …2014/05/262014-05-26 12:09:10
The questions raised by the government’s new drug driving measuresPutting it bluntly: The questions raised by the government’s new drug driving measures The government …2014/05/252014-05-25 20:26:29
Vehicle tax changesUpdates and advice on abolition of the vehicle tax disc. From 1 October 2014, the …2014/05/242014-05-24 07:38:28

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