Dealing with Emergency Service Vehicles

Dealing with Emergency Service Vehicles

Loud lights and flashing blue lights warn us of emergency service vehicles  responding to a call for help. We can help by knowing what to do when they are coming through. First of all keep calm and give yourself time to plan, turn any music off so you can hear the siren better. Then start looking for somewhere to pull over and stop. Use your indicators so there is no risk of confusing other road users as to what you are planning to do?

Emergency Service Vehicles

Position on the road

Try to stay off kerbs pavements and verges, remember that emergency service vehicles come in different sizes so try to give them room. Remember you must try to stay safe and legal at traffic lights. The emergency service vehicles will try to get around, you they do not want you to break the law so stay behind the solid white line. The exception is if a uniformed police officer orders you through red lights be sure you do exactly what they say. Please take care to avoid using bus lanes as this could be dangerous or illegal.

If you are approaching a junction when you become aware of the emergency service vehicles. Don’t break suddenly as the other vehicles might not know they are coming. If you are at a junction wait until the emergency vehicle has passed before you move away. On  motorways and dual carriageways don’t over take an emergency services vehicle with blue lights flashing. This will ensure that you don’t get involved in an incident. Please give them plenty of room.and follow them at a safe distance.

In a solid white line system you are likely to see they will switch off their lights. This is because they are not legally allowed to overtake you unless you are stationary and it is safe. So keep going at the speed limit if you can. As you come out of the white line system expect them to switch the lights and sirens on again and they will try to get passed. Take care if you are approaching a bend or brow of a hill. Do not stop as this could be dangerous remember that you should not stop on kerbs pavements and verges as they can hide dangers.

Dealing with emergency vehicles

When dealing with an emergency service vehicle from behind check your mirrors. This will inform you where the emergency service vehicles are planning to go. If it’s a police vehicle look carefully because they could be telling you to pull over. If you are slowing down or have stopped don’t move away till after the emergency service vehicles have passed.. Have a good look round before you move in case another vehicle has moved into the space created by the emergency services vehicle. Finally be aware there may be more than one emergency services vehicle coming listen for different sirens and have a good look round

To recap remain aware and observant give you time to anticipate and plan your courtesy could be helping to save a life.

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