Types of Road users

The Different Types of Road Users

The Different Types of Road Users

Types of Road Users

Today while I was driving and teaching I started to think about the different Types of Road Users.  So how much would it cost to use them? Initially, I came up with Pedestrians Cycles and Cars

So, I have created this blog to discuss the Different Types of Road Users we have available, the different expenses and why we would use these different types. I would be interested if readers would add comments to see if they agree or disagree with me.

Being a Pedestrian is cheap but takes time travel from one place to another. Cycling is a little bit more expensive because you need to buy a bike however there is still a limit as to how far you can travel in a day. Lastly, I came up with the car which allows you to travel long distances but at a greater cost.

I use a car for convenience because I’m a driving instructor and use it for work. However, it costs me a lot of money to run. What do the readers think are my costs?

Being a Car Driver

I have had to buy or lease my car, I have to put fuel in and pay for insurance this could be thought of as my Running Costs. There are other expenses which these can create or I should take into consideration., the car loses value over a period of time so the price paid to by the car is not the same as the price of that I will get paid when I need to replace the car.

OK, now I want to go on and consider different reasons why we would use different types of road users. As a pedestrian, we do not leave a carbon footprint but there could be a problem of convenience due to the time of travelling. If we use a bicycle it would be quicker and again no environmental impact, however, a car would be quickest but at an environmental cost.

Now I am writing about different road users I have now come up with some other road users but they are road users that we don’t own. I’m thinking of the buses taxis and trains. OK again there is an environmental issue like a car but there can be other issues we need to consider. Such as the timing and different areas they travel from and to. With these different road users when we need to travel we will need to look at the different alternatives. In the next blog, I intend to discuss the different options we might consider

Please tell your friends

I have just realised I have not mentioned some other road users. How many of my blog users can think of them? If this blog has caught your attention, please tell your friends or tell me?

Here is a free download to look at regarding vulnerable road users

Drivers and vulnerable road users


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