Driving on the Road for the First time

Driving on the Road for the first time then turning left

A Fictitious Blog Diary of a Driving Instructor

We discuss and train Driving on the Road for the first time then turning left

In this lesson, I meet Monika she has not driven before and has only had I lesson with me. The lesson covered a controls lesson and a basic Moving Off and Stopping.

Good afternoon Monika How are you? have you had a good week?

driving home from work

I’ve been well thank you.

Do you remember what we were doing last week? Did you do any homework by looking at the website?

I had a look when I got home but have not had time since then to busy at work.

Never mind perhaps you will have more time next week. I want to look again at the moving off and stopping that we were doing last week. I am going to take you to a different place today so I can expand on what we were doing last week. Is that Ok with you?  

Monika agrees and we make our way to one of my nursery routes. while we get there I go over what she remembers from last week.

Right now we have arrived at a new place I want to use to help you learn to drive. You will see that it is not a car park like last time it is a quiet housing estate. Please, can you swap seats with me and get the car ready to move. Monika swops seats and remembers how to do the cockpit check. Please, can you start the car and then move down the road to stop by that wooden stick. She does. That is very good I see  you have parked reasonably close to the kerb do you know how to do that every time or was it luck

Where to stop on the road




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