Driving Test Booked but No Instructor 

Do you have a driving test booked and no Instructor 


Now Driving Instructors around the country are being snowed under with people wanting to take their Driving test as soon as possible. The problem is that we do not have enough time in the day for instructors to help everyone who is wanting our help.
As responsible instructors, we want our students to have the best chance of passing their test first time as possible. This means the student will need several lessons to make up for the time they have missed and be given time to revise and come back up to test standard before taking their test
A link to the Gov.uk explaining what the examiner expects if you turn up for the test in their Car
A free explanation of how the driving test is marked
A free download of the Highway Code

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Revision Notes

As you have a Driving Test Booked but No Instructor this website course will act as a set of revision notes.

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What happens on the day of your Test

Driving Test booked no InstructorAs you are likely to have read when you turn up to the test using your car. There are several things you will need to be sure you have done or brought with you
  1. The car might need to have special insurance to take your driving test. Some insurance companies will insure you to drive with a supervisor. However, taking the test could be different because the examiner is not a supervisor but primarily an assessor. I would check with your insurance company just in case.
  2. When you turn up on the day of the test unless you have a valid International Driving License. You’ll need a supervising person with you to the test and with you if you, unfortunately, fail the test.
  3. They should be over 21 years old with a valid license for the class of vehicle you are driving. (not an Automatic license for a Manual Car) They will need to have had the license for at least 3 years in this or a European country
  4. The car must have visible L plates on the front and back of the car that can be seen by other drivers.
  5. There should be a second windscreen mirror for the examiner to use (Don’t worry too much if you cant get one most examiner will have a spare mirror in the test centre)
  6. The Car must be legally fit to drive. That is to say with a valid MOT if necessary and all attachments and lights working.

During this COVID Crisis what happens on the driving test has changed.

You are advised to bring with you to your test your Provisional Driving License, a copy of your Theory Test Certificate and a facemask or shield. Please visit this link to see exactly what the DVSA has said about the test.
All driving instructors are advised to turn up no earlier than 5 minutes before the driving test. The Examiner will come out and meet you. No one is allowed into the test centre unless escorted to the toilet.
The examiner will give you a printed piece of paper with your name, address and e-mail address on plus two questions. You will be asked to sign the form with the same signature as you have on your driving license. Then you will be asked to show the examiner the paper and your license so he can assure himself you have used the same signature. He will ask you the 2 questions as explained on the explanation of how the driving test is marked. He will ask you to extend your license at arm’s length and he will reach towards your license so he can confirm it is a proper license. at all time please remember to keep the 2-meter rule
During the test, no one is allowed to ride in the back of the car and they have to wait outside the test centre until the candidate returns from the test. should they fail the test with a Serious or Dangerous Fault the Examiner will get the candidate to return to the car early.

I hope you pass your driving test

May I wish you all the best for your driving test. Having a Test booked and no Instructor can be very stressful. However, with all the information I have given you on this page and if you Join the training course. I am sure you will be well prepared to pass your driving test.

You should join this website that has an Online Training Course for Learner Drivers to help you pass your driving test

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 All topics will have Notes Pictures and Videos designed to help you work with your driving instructor.

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