eco-safe driving for you

Eco-safe driving

Eco safe driving is a culmination of Hazard Awareness & Planning

The first part of safe driving is keeping to the Speed Limits

When starting up & moving off – try to keep moving smoothly with no unnecessary letting the car idle. Accelerate smoothly

Use the Gears – effectively for the various speed ranges.

When using the Engine – The Eco-safe driving involves braking / use of power & torque effectively.

Cruise Control where available. Be sympathetic to vehicles not exceeding 3000rpm to save fuel.

Don’t use the Air conditioning to much – use only when necessary

Eco-Safe Driving

Do not carry unnecessary loads. Check the tyre pressures are correct

Service the Engine regularly

Switch off when stationary for long periods

Block changing going up & down

Reduce  the times you make short journeys could be more polluting because it can take up to 6 miles before the Catalytic Converter to warm up & become effective. Journeys of less than 2 miles can produce 60% more pollutants than journey of over 6 miles

 Adequate distance

Eco Safe driving

An exercise to try

Find a quite housing estate & try to drive to drive round it using the brake as a last resort this could be considered eco-safe driving,  That is to say as you approach a junction take your foot of the gas very early & use the engine braking to slow the car down, This is going to need careful clutch control & planning. You are likely to find you will need to be in 2nd or 1st Gear a several yards before reaching a junction.

To start with you are likely to be arriving to fast & need to use the brake but with practice you will find that at more & more junctions if you plan your approach correctly you will not need to use the brake or if you do it will be to stop the car because of traffic

Eco-safe driving is only part of how we can help the planet we need to think how we dispose of our waste product from the car. Things such as when we replace our tyres, battery, lights or oil of the car. They need to be taken to the recycling plant to be disposed of safely

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