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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues


Environmental Issues Exhaust emissionsAll new cars if running on petrol have a catalytic converter, which reduces the amount of carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide

Emitted into the atmosphere. Some older cars run on leaded petrol that emits extra carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide, which

Affect the ozone layer. Diesel vehicles emit less carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide than leaded petrol but more than petrol

Engines with catalytic converters.


Environmental Issues driving at nightYou should try not to make excessive noise after 11.30 p.m. to 7.00 am. This includes excessive revving of the engine, slamming of doors, setting or allowing an alarm to run for too long or using a horn during these times when you are not in danger.

You will need to know how to minimise your effect on the environment by changing your style of driving (such as walking where

You can rather than driving to the corner shop a few hundred yards from you)

Know why you should keep your car in good effective condition and reduce your fuel consumption by limiting the use of your air

Conditioning or carrying unnecessary loads

Know how to dispose of your waste items like oil and batteries safely.


Battery – when replacing a battery remember that unless the shop you are buying the battery disposes of it for you. it will not be safe to leave it lying about at home you will need to take it to your local dump and get them to dispose it for your safely



Oil – when disposing of oil from your car remember it is toxic you will need to take it to your local disposal site normally your local dump. Do not pour it down your drain it can contaminate your local area and is also illegal




Tyre – when changing your tyres the garages normally will dispose of them safely but be prepared to be charge to dispose of them because this is difficult and costly. Again dumping them or disposing of them to an unlicensed site is illegal

light bulb


Light Bulbs – be careful when throwing away a light bulb some of them have gasses in them which can be recycled



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