Help, I want to learn to drive

As a Driving Instructor, I have several enquiries saying – Help, I want to learn to drive.

So, I’ve written a blog to help people through the first steps of getting your driving license and starting to learn to drive.

Step 1 apply for a Driving License

Learn to drive
Buy a Provisional License

Here are two links to help you apply for a driving license. You can go to your local Post Office and get a Form D1 and fill it in Yourself then Post it to the DVLA. You can also Order your license online. However, some people can start learning earlier at the age of 16 finds out more. However, be sure that you are medically fit to drive before taking lessons things such as eyesight. When you go out with you driving instructor or someone supervising you while driving make sure you meet the medical requirements such as for Drink or Drug driving

Step 2 read the Highway Code and study for your Theory Test

There is many online websites all offering Theory Test Training to help you prepare for the test. Before taking your Theory Test, please do your revision the First-Time pass rate for 2016 was 49%. I’m only too aware that many students think that the theory test is easy and just common sense. It is important to prepare for your Theory Test well for both the questions and videos equally.

Because I feel It is so important to prepare for your Theory Test when learning to drive, I am offering Free Copies of the Highway Code and Know Your Road Signs

Please tell your friends about this blog so that they can download the links as well

It is a debate as to whether to pass your Theory Test before training for the Practical Test. I find it is a matter of the individual student some people find learning both the Theory and Practical Test together is best. Others want to pass the Theory Test first it is a matter of taste.

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Step 3 find a Driving Instructor

When looking for an instructor you need to be able to feel comfortable with them. At times. It is worth looking on the internet or listen to what your friends. Before committing to a lesson have a word with the instructor and see how you feel while you talk to him.

It is normal to feel nervous so depending on whether you have driven before. It may be worth looking on YouTube how to use the car controls and possibly how to move off and stop. By looking and finding out a bit by what you are going to do you could feel less nervous.

To help, you know how you are developing please look at this Training Matrix I think that learning is like a Puzzle, many people have parts of the puzzle it is up to an instructor to put the pieces in place and help you become a Safe Driver for Life.

This website has a complete set of Training Notes to help you learn to drive with your Instructor only costing £20 for a year. There are Notes Pictures and Videos covering everything you will need to know to pass your driving test and become a Safe Driver for Life

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