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Let us show you how we can save you money.  We promise to help you reduce the cost of your driving lessons. By giving you a framework of training notes to help you remember and learn how to drive and pass your driving test. 

What type of learner are you? 

Are you planning to do your test in a month or less 

Planning on learning in less than 30 hours 

Changing your instructor, have failed a driving test or want help from an instructor to build confidence in driving again. 

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Are you are planning to do your test in a month or less. These notes would be ideal for you to read before you start training with an instructor. So you have a framework of learning to work with before dealing with the practical side of learning in an intense manner. 

We would recommend that you print a copy of our patented Training Matrix and fill it in using the grading method so your instructor can see what he needs to teach you in the limited number of hours you have bought. Follow this link to the basic training course. 


You can use the same basic training course to provide you with extra training between your lessons if you are planning to learn in less than 30 hours. 

With our online course, you can read training notes about what you did in your last lesson. To help reinforce what you learnt with diagrams, links to the highway code and videos. You can also read about what you are going to be taught in the following lesson. So, by doing some homework you can reduce the number of lessons you need with your instructor. Homework will help you reduce the need for so many lessons and get extra help and information so you can become a Safe Driver for Life. 


If you are changing instructor, have failed a driving test or want help from an instructor to build confidence 

You can use our basic training course to help you build your confidence and understanding of what is required for the driving test. Our Training Notes and Matrix can help act as a  reference to the Highway Code and a framework so by discussing with your Instructor you can improve or cover information that has been missed on your previous training 

There is also a special copyrighted Training Matrix that you can use as a learning guide. Which has been developed as a grading guide you. To help you judge how well you know a subject.  


Are you someone who wishes to improve their driving skills to safeguard their family and loved ones.  

A holder of a Full Licence but looking for better training and understanding of Road Safety 

driving for the first time
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For those wanting a fuller training systemwe have the Become a Safe Driver for Life course. You still get the basic training course but also sections looking at Planning your driving, a deeper look at the information in the highway code and Lastly some extra information that is useful for those looking for extra driving when learning to drive. 

We have a monthly blog page to keep clients up to date with the Road Safety Industry. People subscribing to the Blog page will be able to download copies of the highway code and know your road traffic signs. 

Follow this link to get your FREE copy of the Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs 


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