How to respond to an accident or breakdown

In this blog, I want to talk and get you to consider respond to an accident or breakdown.

First, I will talk about what to do at a breakdown, then talk about what to do at an accident

Whrespond to an accident or breakdownen the car breaks down it is a mechanical fault and unless you are mechanically minded. Presuming you have the necessary tools you will not be able to repair your car. So, you will need to ask for help, there are many companies that are only too willing to help you at a price.

It is worth getting your car listed, with one of these companies in case you should breakdown.

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Icons can be different on different cars

Sometimes the car will give you warning switching on a light on the dashboard. Sometimes it might not perform the way you are used to. If this happens it is worth pulling over in a safe and convenient place to check everything is ok. It is important to try and stop the car in a safe place.  For instance, stopping on a roundabout or in the middle of a road is going to put you and the car in danger.

So, when considering how to respond in at an accident or breakdown try and consider stopping or parking in as safe a place as possible.

Stopping in a safe place

Once you have stopped you need to consider how you can keep safe yourself. How to inform other drivers that you have broken down. Normally stopping on the side of the road in as safe as possible position/ Then putting on your hazard warning lights will be enough.

If you have a hazard warning triangle you can put it out so cars coming towards you can see it before they see your car. Once you and your car are safe you need to contact someone to help you either to repair your car at the side of the road or come and move your car and repair it later. Nowadays I think most of us have mobile phones so we can contact help. If not, you could be looking at a long walk to try and get help.

Breakdowns on a motorway

If you, breakdown on a dual carriageway or motorway is important to try and stop on the hard shoulder or side of the road. It is worth considering to get the passengers out of the car and on the bank at the side of the motorway for safety. Because there is a risk of being hit by traffic travelling at 70 mph. You should then contact the recovery services to come and recover your car. Sometimes there are other things to consider such as how to respond to an accident or breakdown.

Dealing with breaking down on Railway and Tram Crossings

There are some special circumstances that you need to be aware of breaking down on a railway crossing

If you, breakdown on a railway crossing your first concern is to get all passengers out of the car as soon as possible. Then inform the railway that you are broken-down on their crossing. DO NOT let anyone stay in the car. if a train comes it will not be able to stop before hitting your car anyone in the car is likely to get hurt


Now if you have an accident the first thing to consider is stopping in a safe place and then making sure everyone is safe and then recording the details of what happened. Taking pictures on your phone is a very helpful idea. The insurance company will need to know who was driving all vehicles at the time of the accident along with their driving license number.

They will also want to know what damage was made to all the vehicles and the insurance details along with the time of day and weather conditions. If there are any witnesses, you will need to get their names and addresses. It would be useful to make sure that all the people involved in the accident have this information.

It will be very useful to get photos of what happened using a phone of the vehicles, road conditions and people involved in the accident including their injuries because this can help the insurance companies decide how much they are going to pay and to whom they are going to pay.

Dealing with Police

It is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT to stop if you have an accident regardless of if anyone is hurt. If someone is hurt, then you must inform the police. Not doing so is punishable by law involving a fine. It is alright not to have all the necessary documents with you in the car. I would advise not to carry your vehicle registration documents with you as a matter of course in the car. Should the police want to see your documents?  You have 7 days to take them to the police station of your choice Please remember how to respond to an accident or breakdown

Emergency Services

If the emergency services are involved there will be different ways of helping them.

They might need information as to how to get to you, who and how many people are involved. If there are any serious or life-threatening injuries. They might want to know if anyone is taking any medication or have eaten or drunk any alcohol recently. Sometimes you might be best keeping out of their way.

As a Witness

If you are a witness to an accident, then I would recommend you take photographs of the accident. To help you remember what happened. Then at your earliest convenience write up what happened to list the day time and weather. Draw a picture as to where you were and what you saw and what was said.

This will be of use for the insurance company and possibly the police if they are involved.

please have a look at this blog considering how to respond to an accident or breakdown. If you have found it interesting please tell your friends if you want help please make a comment.




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