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Hi, welcome to the 12drive website that aims to try to help those of working age study and prepare and pass their driving test then become a Safe Driver for Life.

This site has been designed to help people wanting to learn how to drive quickly and safely. It has been designed to work alongside someone who’s is taking training with a Driving Instructor teaching you to drive.

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When you were at school, you learn how to learn, by using different methods of learning. Some people learn best by reading. Others learn by doing and yet others learn by seeing. Now you are working your time available to learn changes. You have a lot more demands on your time. You have to work at different times depending on your employer’s needs. You need time to cook and clean. Along with living a life with family and friends.

The Training Notes have been designed to supplement the training your driving instructor gives you. Also, they can act as reminders of what was taught in the last lesson and what is going to be discussed in the next lesson.

They are online training notes that help students wanting to revise what they covered on a given lesson. They come with a set of training notes along with pictures, videos and links to websites to Aid learning. Then there are notes pictures and videos for lessons to come and lessons that you might have already been given.

When you were at school you used to having a syllabus and reading books and doing exams. So, by using the 12drive website you can have a framework of learning. There is also an online training matrix that works in different ways. First of all, you see a list of subjects that need to be understood. By clicking on the appropriate link, you get sent to the appropriate webpage that has notes pictures videos and web links. Also, by downloading and then printing the matrix, it is possible to create a grade chart allowing you to grade how you feel about each subject and then see as an overview of how well you are doing.

Test Driving School

As you are working full-time you are likely to find it hard to afford lessons. Theses Training Notes has been built to help reduce the number of driving lessons. The notes act as a revision of lessons taken and a preview of the information needed for upcoming lessons. By using the notes, the information gained acts as a way of reducing the number of lessons needed because your instructor takes less time explaining what you need to do and can concentrate on developing your knowledge and experience making you a safe Driver for Life.


You could ask your family and friends or even your boss to buy you access. Learn to drive training course costs £30 that is less than the cost of 2 hours of lessons. We have found that by using these notes students in the past have saved over 5.

The Course about Road Safety – CARS – as a Life Skill costs £50 and is a complete course. Looking at useful information not only up to test standard but also after the test.

Topics like

  1. Driving on a motorway.
  2. Driving in different weather conditions.
  3. Buying a Car.
  4. Getting Insurance.
  5. What to do if you break down
  6. What to do if you have an accident

Road to Safety



The New Year is here why not ask family and friends if they can help you with your New Year’s resolution?


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