Know your traffic signs and signals

To start with when we are looking at your traffic signs and signals. Be aware they come in different shapes, sizes and colours.

So, when we look at the traffic signs and signals they come in 3 different shapes circle triangle and rectangle. Circles are orders or positive information. Triangles are warnings and finally, rectangles are information.  When we look at lights they help control the flow of traffic.

Circle signs

traffic signs and signalsLook at the different signs that to be seen in the highway code under the Heading of Orders. I’m sure some most people reading this blog are familiar with the speed limit signs. No Entry and Parking Restriction signs as shown

I wonder how many people know the difference these cycle signs and observe what they say.


Do you realise there are two special signs that have special shapes the Stop and give way signs they are the same the world over? So regardless of whatever language or wiggles are in the sign, the message is always the same? The triangle pointing down warning the end of a road and the red Hexagon is the stop sign

The triangles are warning signs and the pictures tend to be easily remembered.

While looking at traffic signs and signals Some of the triangle signs warn of different types of roads that you could be approaching. Where others warn of other problems involving pedestrians or another vehicle that you could be encountering.

Rectangle signs

When it comes to the rectangles they come in different colours Blue for motorways Green for primary routes between towns and cities and White for local routes.

The other two colours are Brown for tourist routes and Yellow for roadworks or temporary diversions

Road markings

When it comes to road markings they tend to come in three colours white yellow and red.

The lines across the road tell road users where to wait or stop at the end of a road.

The markings on the side of the road inform road users where they can stop and what restrictions over stopping there is. A word of warning yellow are the standard restricted parking markings. The red markings are for busier routes and have a higher fine associated with them.


The markings in the middle of the road are there to inform road users what position of on the road they should take and other regulations.

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