vulnerable road users

Knowing where to expect vulnerable road users

We know that Pedestrians can be vulnerable road users, Why?

If we were to think of different road users that are vulnerable I want to first discuss pedestrians. When are they most vulnerable?

vulnerable road users PedestriansI’m thinking of when they are crossing roads or walking on the road without footpaths. Now, it is February so it is dark until about 8.30 am and getting dark before 5 pm. Which means pedestrian are walking in the dark or the sun rise to sun set. This means that they are hard to see if they wear the normal dark warm coats especially if they are wearing hats and scarves. They should be wearing a Hi-Viz Jacket or strips so other drivers can see you

Now there are other types of pedestrians that can be vulnerable. Those who are young, sick or old. Where and when can they be found? Near schools or parks perhaps or on way to bus stops, shops and railway stations. Why can they be vulnerable road users?

May I give some suggestions children can be vulnerable because of lack of knowledge and experience. As they grow up they learn to become safer through experience and watching others. The sick and elderly are vulnerable because they tend to be slow and might not look or see things clearly

Why can bicycles and motorcycle be vulnerable road users?

vulnerable road users bicycles Now how can bicycles be dangerous, perhaps because the riders do not always think about safety? In this country, some children are trained in Bicycle riding at the age of 9 – 10 but later in their schooling when they are growing up they learn by experience. That they do not need to observe all the highway code because drivers make way for them. So as a driver, we need to look out for them at Junctions and while driving in case they come onto the road without looking because they tend to feel they are invulnerable. (I will be blogging about how bicycle riders might Improve their standards in several later Blog)

vulnerable road users MotorbikesNow to look at motorcycles like bicycles they are difficult to see and we need to make an extra effort to look out for them. At junctions and while we are in queues of traffic. Motorcyclists are trained to move down lines of stationary or slow moving traffic to help them make progress. As a driver, we need to check our mirrors and sometimes our blind spots when changing lanes in case a motorcycle is trying to overtake us.

Just one word of warning, for now, take care when turning left a bicycle or motorcycle us between us and the kerb. We need to make a special check to make sure it is safe to turn. Not to force them to turn with us or go on the kerb.

Beware of horses

vulnerable road users HorsesLastly, I want to talk about horses and why they are vulnerable road users. Horses have a mind of their own they can get scared or not do what they are told. As drivers, we need to give them extra care, trying not to frighten them. Try to give them extra room and time if you need to overtake them. Don’t use your horn or make any other loud noise near them. Bear in mind that on a roundabout they will stay in the left-hand lane. Regardless of where there are going to turn they do that for safety so they can move off the road if they are in danger.

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