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Learn to drive with 12drive

You can learn to drive quickly with this Young Drivers Course.

Using Training Notes, Audio, Video and Monthly Written Blogs

I have put together a special web page helping students wanting to learn to drive.

Learn to driveLooking at how to apply for a driving license, apply for a theory test and practical test. Lastly what to think about when looking for a driving instructor. There will be a PDF file to download and show concerned people all wanting to learn to drive.  Various videos talking and showing interested people through the different online forms that students would be wanting to fill in.

Learn to drive Training MatrixI have created a Managed Access for Training Notes using a Training Matrix built especially for those wanting to learn to drive. Using the Training Matrix will allow you to go to various pages you might want when you learn to drive. You will also be able to use the matrix to grade yourself and see what you need to work on. By reading the notes and watching the videos they can help reduce the number of hours you will need to pass your test

I can help to link your Practical Training with your Theory Training. My Training Notes and Videos can help you prepare for the practical test by reading and seeing what you’ve done or need to do with your instructor.


Using our system can help you can save money by doing some homework, revising what you have learned and then by looking ahead to future lessons.

I am a successful driving instructor with over 22 years’ experience and I’m also a qualified Assessor, Coach, and Mentor.

I’m also an experienced website designer with over 10 years’ experience building WordPress websites


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