Learning to drive road safety notes

                             The main reason of the road safety notes is to prevent the risk of accidents and other life threatening situations that use to come when a person is unaware of the rules of the road that are meant for their own safety they finally end up in mess or in some cases in the most dangerous situation which could even take the life of the person. These safety notes ask us only to take personal responsibility for the road that we are using by doing this act we can become a better, safer, socially active and responsible road users. While learning to drive the first and the most important thing to know is having detail knowledge about the entire road safety notes. A person should be having an up-to-date knowledge about road safety notes as well as the driving rules and should be well aware of any changes to road safety laws. That is the very main reason that a person should abide by the rules whether he/she is learning to drive or have been driving for many years. Becoming a good driver is not so easy task you need to be familiar with a lot of things and should know how a particular thing works? and what is its significant?

Basic car and driving knowledge


                       Before starting the engine or just getting in the car you need to take the few initial steps that are required to be essential that are known to be as the cockpit drill this would be really helpful for you because when you would go through the driving test than the examiner would get the impression that you are familiar with the routine.


                   Make sure while getting in the car that the door booth and the bonnet are all properly closed and if they are not properly closed than a warning signal or a warning light would be displayed in the dashboard you need to take care about it when the engine is on.


While driving the seat should be in the proper location so that the driver should able to fully depress the clutch or put the pedal on the accelerator in a comfortable manner not in a stretched manner and the seat belt should be worn before driving.


                If the steering wheel is adjustable then it should be adjusted in a position which is more comfortable. it would be quite helpful and easy for the driver in having a fine drip on the steering wheel.


                Mirrors should properly adjust in the position according to which the driver should be in the position to look through them properly.


              The hand brake should be in the neutral making sure of it while driving. If the car is in the gear then it would lean forward, backward or reverse when the engine gets started.

Basic road knowledge


When turning into the side road while approaching the intersection you need to see if there is a traffic signal or not if no traffic signal is there than you need to turn on the right indicator if turning right while approaching at the intersection the speed of the vehicle should be slow enough that if a vehicle approaches towards you than you would be able to give it a way through.


                If a person is turning right at the T junction from the bottom than the vehicles crossing the top should be given way coming through left and right. And if someone is turning in front of you than you have to wait till that person has turned the vehicle.


               At the cross road when you are there than you need to see if you are turning right than you need to wait if any vehicle is coming straight towards you or is turning left you need to be well aware of the vehicles approaching towards you.


               For many initial drivers the word maneuvers is very fearing. Out of forward bay parking you need to carry out one reversing bay over parking. You would not know which maneuvers the examiner will choose on your driving test so you need to be confident enough to carry out all.  The foremost important thing to remember is to drive slowly and observe out a lot.

Independent driving

           All type of driving test will include hardly 15 minutes of independent driving. A person would have to drive independently by either following

  • Series of directions
  • Traffic signals
  • Either the combination of both of these

In most of the case the examiner gives the verbal directions and the driver need to follow it.

Driving test

         The practical type of driving test includes an eyesight check and verbal questions of roundabout of 40 minutes in which there is also the section of independent driving the tips which a person needs to know while giving a driving test are illustrates as under

  • Steer smoothly all the time while driving
  • The accelerator should be pressed gently
  • You need to be well aware of the gear in which the vehicle is
  • The posted speed limit direction should be obeyed
  • The brakes should be applied gently
  • Follow at the safe distance
  • Need to be vigilant enough about the traffic signals what they mean and it should be followed all the time.




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