Left reverse into a side road

left reverse into a side road    

(HC 200 -203 Driving 188 – 181

 CARE LADA. Make sure that it is safe, legal and convenient to complete the left reverse into a side road.


Stop about 18” from the kerb, two car lengths from the corner. Turn in your seat and note the position of the kerb in the rear window. Prepare the car in reverse. Seatbelts may be removed for this manoeuvre. Make 360-degree observation for safety starting over left shoulder round to left near side mirror across front of car looking forward & at internal mirror round to offside mirror down the side of the car to the right shoulder. Remember to look for all possible dangers. When it is safe start to move backwards using the clutch, brake & or accelerator to control the speed of the car while keeping a very slow speed. Be prepared to stop if necessary move car to Point 2 slowly and safely


Bring the car back until your back nearside wheel is level with the last straight kerbstone then stop. You can use your rear seat as a guide or the position of the kerb in one of the car rear windows. Make 360-degree observation for safety. When it’s safe move the car back trying to keep the rear nearside wheel close to the kerb. Again be prepared to stop if necessary. During the left reverse manouver it is important to keep the speed slow and do effective all round observation


On the way round the kerb, keep a lookout for other road users and Potential Hazards. If necessary stop and make another safety check


As the kerb approaches the middle of the rear windscreen or the pre-noted point stop, make 360-degree observations. Remember to look for possible dangers then start to look all the way down the road and straighten up keeping the kerb in the same position as when you started. Stop the car far enough into the new road. So that if another car comes, it can use the junction safely. Position the car about 18” from kerb. Make extra checks ahead and behind to make sure it is safe as you go. Remember to put your seatbelt back on if removed for this exercise.

NOTES. for the Left reverse into a side road

If another vehicle comes. STOP if your car is going to cause an obstruction or danger to other traffic you should consider moving forward to make a safe passage for the other vehicles.  Wait until any traffic commits itself before committing yourself.  Do not move until it is safe to do so.  Remember the 360 degree observation before starting to move. Eye contact might help. No dry steering.  Practices reversing in a straight-line so you can understand how the car will perform when reversing.  Remember you should not reverse out onto a main road be it from a side road or a driveway and should you have your vision obscured drive take extra care, you could even ask some one to help you.

When doing the left reverse into a side road it might be helpful to open your window a bit so that you can hear vehicle coming.



Co-ordination of controls – Good clutch control No crossing of hands
Observations – Making sure it is safe to continue at all times. Considering eye contact to confirm what the other road users are going to do.
Accuracy – not touching the kerb or pavement
Time – you will be expected to take only a reasonable time and not to cause inconvenience to other road users.

Left Reverse

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