Parking safely on the road

Parking Safely

In the Highway Code there are several pages as to where to park and not to park.  Have a look at the picture and decide with your instructor where it would be safe to park and where not to park.

How about considering how you can park safely on a hill going up or down hill. You are also recommended not to park your car or vehicle where it is in a dangerous position or causing undue obstruction. In the near future the Local Authorities will be taking over the responsibility for dealing with parking contraventions. So you will be ending up paying the council for parking fines on yellow lines rather than the police. All these things invo;ve Parking safely

When parking in a car park remember to park in the parking bays so that you can load or unload safely & allow other users the chance to do the same. I’d you need to reverse take extra care because it is harder to see problems & in car parks the dangers can come at you from every direction.

Have a Read of Parallel Parking Notes & Bay Parking

(HC 239 – 252)

Parking safely



When thinking of Parking safely or any other action you will need to think how your actions are going to affect other road users.


Your own speed of approach

Mechanical condition of car

Tyres. Condition pressure of tyres

Size weight of vehicle & load

Gradient of road

Camber / bend in road

Weather visibility

Road surface wet muddy ice snow

Five rules of braking

Anticipation think & look ahead

Know your limitations & those of car

Note state of road & surface

Give your self time & distance to brake progressively

Avoid skidding


Remember to check mirrors / decide if sign needed / use signal as needed / progressive braking / be safe

Looking for Clues when considering Parking safely

Look out for what the other road users are doing are about to do.

Look for reflections on other objects to let you become aware of what is about you.

With experience you will start looking for additional clues as you approach different situations such as cycles, parked cars, buses & pedestrians.

Look out for emergency vehicles as well Remember you might hear one vehicle but most people will miss looking for the second & then cause an Accident. If you hear / see one Emergency Vehicle look for another just in case.



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