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How to plan a Journey considering time and cost

I want to plan a journey

Plan a JourneyHi on my last blog I talked about different road users. We commented on the different road users from pedestrians through to coaches and trains. Now I want to discuss the idea of planning a journey. I realise that people from all over the UK might be reading this post. However, I live in Boston Lincolnshire. So, I’m going to talk about how I would plan a journey from Boston Market Place to Lincoln Castle

Now I think we need to look at the different forms of transport we could use to travel to Boston and Lincoln. I don’t expect my readers to beware of the different choices. So how can you find out? In these days, I would expect you would use your computer to research. However, I’m a little older and would consider using a map. Now we would have different options as to types of transport we could use. I want to start by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using the different types. There are different distances depending on the different types of transport you could use.Plan a Journey

Right then to start with you could walk. Now that is quite a long way 32 miles in fact and would take 11 hours to walk. That is not something I would want to do very often. We could cycle that would be quicker it would take only 2hs 50 min the distance is a little greater 35 miles because you will need to take a different route. Lastly, we could use a car that would only take 1 hr 2 minutes depending on traffic and that would be 37 miles.

Now, what would be the best choice for you to use when travelling to Lincoln Castle? OK time is that a consideration perhaps 11 hours, 2hrs 50 minutes or 1 hr 2 minutes. Perhaps the weather walking the rain would not be a pleasant way to spend your time or if its windy then cycling would not be a good Idea

Now perhaps you don’t have a car what other ways could you travel to Lincoln? I am thinking now of a Taxi, Coach or Train. If you needed to use them what would influence your choice would the price, time involved in travelling or availability. Why not make some comments so others can see what you are thinking?

Here is a link that you can use to plan a journey to Lincoln However although this allows you to plan a trip between Boston Train Station to Lincoln Train Station. This does not plan how to get from your home to the station. Would you walk or cycle? Perhaps you would call a taxi. Also, how will you travel between Lincoln Training station and Lincoln Castle? Would you walk or again call a Taxi?

Now here is a website to plan your journey if you want to use a bus or Coach as you can see you will still need to walk.

Now you have been able to look at other means of travelling from Boston Train station and Lincoln Castle. I am sure you are now aware of the different costs and times so how will you choose which method you are going to use?

Before I finish I would like to quickly talk about how we could use a map

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