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Reasons why regular checks for your car are useful

In this blog, I am going to talk about why we need to make the regular checks for the car

I use the Mnemonic for Cars of POWER that is each letter of Power has a meaning.

P = regular checks for the car Petrol or Fuel this check is easy on a car just switch the engine on and look at the dashboard. I know it is simple but I will admit that I have taken my car out for a long journey. Then I run out of fuel because I was not looking to see I had enough fuel.

O = Oil now this regular checks for the car is very important. Without the necessary oil, you can damage or destroy your car. There are different oils you can use in a car. On a bike, you just use oil to lubricate the joints and other moving points to help them function safely.

Car Oil = this oil is checked using a dipstick and should be done while the engine is cool. Not been running because you need to give the oil time to settle otherwise you do not have time to get a fair readingRegular checks for your car

Brake Fluid = This is an oil designed to take the stresses applied to it via the brake pedal it is a close system which should not change

Hydraulic Liquid for steering this is used for power steering while the car is running.

W = Water is used in the car for 2 reasons

Regular checks for your carOne to help clean the windows sometimes called screen wash.

The second is used to keep the car engine cool both will need special additives to tap water

E = Electrics it is important to regular checks for your car that all the lights on a given car and all the instruments are working.

regular checks for the car

Side lights, rear lights, reverse lights, head lights both dipped beam and full beam along with indicators can easily be checked by switching on and getting out and looking. This is important because the police can give any driver of a car with defective lights a fine. However, checking the brake lights can be harder you will need to look for a reflection or get someone else to look.

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regular checks for the car

R = Rubber that is the condition of the tyres and window wipers. To check the tyres, you will need to make a physical check of the surface to be sure there is no physical damage or distortion. The tread must have a minimum tread of 1.6 millimetres.

Other checks you can make

Within the regular checks for your car, there are 2 extra checks that you should make. Those checks of the exhaust and number plate. Your Exhaust must be working correctly that is no holes or loose brackets. The number plate must be seen clearly all the time. In bad weather, such as snow or dirt roads. It is worth cleaning the Number plate before a journey both front and back

Theses checks if not done and the items become defective the police can also levy fines.

On the driving test, you are asked 2 questions. The following 19 questions that I have enclosed a PDF file for you to read there are also Videos to help you remember

Now to look at some practical reasons to make regular checks for your car

Let’s consider why we need to check the tyres. When you consider the tyres, we need to check the tyre pressure. if they are too high then they wear out quicker and give you less grip on the road. If the pressure is to low, you have more grip on the road and that increases your fuel consumption. Whether the pressure is too high or low this can lead to damaging the tyres and need replacing them earlier. Please remember not to use second-hand tyres as they can be dangerous.

To Find out more about the BTEC Level 1 please follow this link

When checking the tyres also check that they are not wearing unevenly if you see this happening or the steering feels wrong it is worth visiting a tyre sales shop

Now let’s consider why you should check the wiper blades on a regular basis. Have you been in a car where the wiper blades are worn out? They make a noise and make it very hard to see through the windscreen when it is raining.

You will need to check your brakes front and back should they be worn they will reduce your ability to stop in the normal time. Sometimes the brakes can wear out unevenly. It would be important to also make sure the brake fluid is at the correct level because that can affect your ability to stop

Now I want to talk about why we need to make regular check of the car. Especially the lights we use while driving. I am sure we have all seen cars without Headlights, indicators or brake lights not working. Do you realise there is a £60 fine for each faulty light that the police find? Please check your lights regularly at least once a month or before a long journey

Lastly I want to talk about the dashboard lights it is worth checking out what the lights mean on your car

To Find out more about the BTEC Level 1 please follow this link

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