injuries after a car accident

Risk of having an accident while using the road

Risk of having an accident

In my previous blogs, I talked planning a journey. Now I want to talk about the risk of having an accident to start with how do you think the time of day changes the chances of having an accident. Would affect the risk would driving early in the morning, late at night or mid-day change the risk of having an accident. I think so because the diver’s attention and level of concentration can be at different levels.  There are many things that perhaps it’s worth talking about other different causes of an accident while driving.

Risk of having an accident

Types of Vehicle

Now let’s think about how we were going from Boston to Lincon Castle. We could be using a car or even a Motorcycle which I didn’t mention in the last blog. They can travel at different speeds how can speed or the type of vehicle change the risk of having an accident? Let’s think motorcycles are built for speed, however, they do not offer much protection if you have an accident. It takes the time to slow down so you can stop or change direction to avoid an accident. So, I think you would agree the type and speed of a vehicle can influence the risk of an accident.

Risk of having an accident
Themergency services arrive

There are more problems that could change the risk of having an accident. Let’s talk about a few more reasons that can increase the risk of having an accident. I feel that this basic blog could need expanding. I want you the reader to interact with me and tell me what you think and mention any other risks I do not talk about or you feel strongly about.

Types of roads

Now I want to talk about the different types of roads and how they affect the risk of having an accident. In Lincolnshire, we have a large range of different roads. In Boston, we have roads that get gridlocked due to the weight of traffic yet on the way to Lincoln. Depending on which route you choose to follow you can be driving on country roads or dual carriageways. Surprisingly not many accidents occur on dual carriageways or motorways due to speed. Unfortunately, I get to see too many accidents on our roads because people do not drive at a safe speed.

Risk of having an accident with a car and bicycle

Unfortunately, many drivers do not realise what a safe speed is. I’ve talked to many that say you should drive at the speed limit this in the country is not safe. I told you should drive at such a speed so that you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear. So, that means if you are on a country road with hedges and you cannot see around a corner. You might need to slow down, you might also have hills and dips which hide the road. In the country, we also have animals which can be on the road ranging horses to sheep being herded between fields. Also, we can have pedestrians enjoying the scenery all these things can increase the risk of accidents.

Do you want me to talk about Driving at Night or driving under the influence of drink and drugs

So now on this blog, I have only briefly spoken about the different vehicle and their relative speeds. Also, I have talked about the time of day such as day and night also I have talked about driving at a safe speed. I hope you are now realising “Safe Driving” is an enormous subject which I have only just started to scratch. Please, can you leave me a feedback so I know which direction you want me to take? Perhaps you could talk to your friends. Get them to contact me and give their points of view I want to talk but I need someone to talk to.

Here is a link from the government website giving statistics of Road Accidents

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