Road safety after test training

Useful knowledge for the highway codes

Road safety after test training includes the useful knowledge for the highway codes such as

Legal responsibility

The first and main responsibility of any driver after passing the road safety test is to make sure the road safety but that responsibility comprises of many factors from personal to other individual level. Whenever any person gets on the driver’s seat he must make sure that he has his driving license, registration and insurance card of the vehicle. Then he must have the knowledge about all the laws regarding the road safety and must be abide by them properly.

Other road users

So as one is driving on a motorway and he is not the only one who is driving at that moment so the next important factor are other road users. After passing the rest the road safety includes the acknowledgment of safety of other road users also.  Hem must keep the rights of them in mind.

Different weather conditions

Road safety after the test makes one able to drive in multi occasions including different weather conditions. Weathers conditions matter a lot in changing of driving mode, every weather has its specific mode of driving so every driver must know the entire mode so that he can adjust his or her driving skills regarding the weather conditions.

Driving on dual carriageway and motorway

Driving is not that easy task. It’s not just uses the arm and feet of oneself but also the focus mind and sharp eye to the surrounding. These are the major factors that should be kept in mind. There are specific rules for driving on these kind of tracks for example the speed limit should be 70km/hr. if you are behind any slow moving vehicle try to overtake it and maintain the speed. On the motorways try to avoid coming in between of heavy duty trucks. Always keep the distance from the vehicle that is on your front.

New drivers act and codes  

After fully acknowledging about the rules and regulations of road safety you should make sure that you get no penalties on your license after two year of passing the driver’s test. If you have reached the six penalties then your licensee will be revoked and you will have to pass the driving test again (theory and practical) to get back the licensee


Road safety after the test training also includes the information about the road penalties. These are those penalties which get on your license when you don’t comply then according to the rules and regulations. These penalties encourage the drivers to remember the rules and regulations. These penalties include

  1. Drink driving
  2. Drug driving
  3. Using a mobile phone when you are driving

If these penalties exceed the 6 points then your license will be revoked.

First aid on the road

Road safety after the test training includes first aid on the road. First of all you should approached d the vehicle that needs the aid. Make sure that the engines are off and try to warn the traffic about the accident.  Get help with by standers on the road and call the emergency service as soon as possible.  You should help those who need your assistance. Try to look out for bleeding ad help the injured persons.

Planning a journey

While planning a journey the things which are need to be considered are illustrated as follows

How to deal with the accidents and what to do?

                 While driving the things which a person need to consider are that he/she should be very watchful and look at the signals carefully sometimes the accidents may happen due to many reason but a person should be fully prepare while driving that in case of accidents what could be done in order to be on the safe side. First of all if you find yourself in an accident than you need to stop the vehicle as soon as possible in most of the cases the situation really does not permit the person to stop the vehicle but you need to be vigilant enough that if you find any chance of stopping than avail that chance immediately. If the vehicle is in a condition that it’s movable than take it out from the road immediately if cant than turn on the indicators so that other vehicles should know the situation. All the ignitions should be off .find out for any injuries if anyone is injured than take him to the hospital immediately. Call the police or medical service immediately if accident happens.

Physical fitness

             People who are driving the vehicle need to be physically fit because on them there is the whole responsibility of the passengers so he should be active and mentally fit a tried person should take the steering of the vehicle.

 Actual route planning

             Actual route planning should be done before planning a journey it would be very helpful and you would be able to reach at the desire destination with in time with the route planning you would be able to know about the coming areas and the situations from which you would be going through.

Useful information after the test

             Once a test is cleared than the further information that you require is that the congestion should avoided if you are planning to take a car than you need to have full information about the car and you need to do its insurance as well car crash scam should be avoided because it’s an illegal thing and a person could fall himself /herself in trouble. Proper method or procedure should be followed if you consider yourself eligible for the insurance money. Using phone while driving is a very dangerous act and a driver should be well aware about it because the mind of the person in engaged in the talks and then he / she becomes unaware of the situation and can end up in the accident. Keeping a car is not an easy job than a person needs to have full information about the cost that it takes and the taxes with usually applied on the vehicles? The most important thing a person needs to know is about the tyres and its changing and how it should be repaired a person should be well aware about it.

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