Safe Road Skills and Attitudes BTEC Level One

Edexcel BTEC Level One Award and Certificate

The qualification presents an incredible opportunity for anyone from the age of 14. To work towards a BTEC qualification Safe Road Skills and Attitudes. Even before they are legally able to drive

What are Safe Road Skills and Attitudes qualifications?

Our Safe Road Skills and Attitudes qualifications have been designed in partnership with the Driving Standards Agency.

First of all the qualification is approved for learners aged 14+ at schools and colleges and are open to all road users. That includes car drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or horse riders.

Learners will gain an understanding of the rules of the road as set out in the Official Highway Code. Furthermore, to the impact of their attitudes and behaviour can have on other road users.

Why take Safe Road Skills and Attitudes?

A huge number of accidents occur among young people who are new drivers, endangering their lives and those of other road users. Safe Road Skills and Attitudes qualifications aim to make a positive contribution to road safety by educating all road users, building a sense of personal responsibility and encouraging a mature attitude towards risk and road safety issues.

Learners who pass the 13-credit Level 1 Certificate will be eligible to sit a shorter version of the Theory Test for Drivers. While the DVSA Abridged Theory Test costs £18 for the 35-question the full test costs £23 for the 50-question test

* Learners must sit and pass the DVSA Abridged Theory Test within three years of the date on their Certificate.

Safe Road Skills and AttitudesWhat will I learn?

The qualifications will help you to:

Develop skills in planning safe journeys and the costs and benefits of different forms of transport.

Learn about vehicle checks and maintenance, and how to respond in the event of breakdowns or accidents.

Understand the rules of the road as contained within the official Highway Code.

How attitudes and behaviour can affect other road users.

How is the qualification structure?

Safe Road Skills and Attitudes is available as an Award or a Certificate, both at Level 1.

The covered are, as follows

Qualification Title QAN Credit Value
Pearson Edexcel Level 1 Award in Safe Road Skills and Attitudes (QCF) 500/9801/9 7
Pearson Edexcel Level 1 Certificate in Safe Road Skills and Attitudes (QCF) 500/9802/0 13

 Safe-Road-Skills-and-Attributes-PDF.pnHow will I be assessed?

Units 1, 2 and 4 are internally assessed via a portfolio of evidence. Section 3 needs are externally ascertained via an onscreen test, which can be taken online at a school or college or even in your home!




Risk of having an accident        How vulnerable road users can stay safe when using the road         Know how road users can         Understand how behaviour and attitudes affect other road users

Maintaining Own and Others’ Safety about Vehicles Topics Covered

a.       the regular checks for car and bike

b.       How to respond to an accident or breakdown

c.        Basic first aid for vehicle drivers

Rules of the Road Topics Covered

a.       Know the Highway Code rules relating to signs and signals

b.     Stay safe about tramways and level crossings

Recognising Safe Road Use Topics Covered a.

a.       Knowing where to expect vulnerable road users b.

b.       Know different methods of calming traffic c.

Unit no.
1 Preparing for a Safe Journey by Road 3 1 Topics Covered a.       The Different Types of Road Users b.       Planning a Journey c.

Candidates who complete the BTEC Level 1 Award in Safe Road Skills and Attitudes are:

Gaining valuable and essential life skills;

  • Building up BTEC credits from the QCF (Qualification Credit Framework)
  • Students who go on to complete all 4 Units, earn the Safe Road Skills and Attitudes Certificate.
  • The student will be eligible, for three years from the time the qualifications, to undertake an abridged version of the Driving Theory test at a discounted cost. Conclusively, the Abridged Theory Test consists of 35 multiple choice questions unlike the usual 50;
  • Eligible for Young Drivers’ Insurance at preferential rates with a leading Insurer.

If you want more information about the Safe Road Skills and Attitudes qualifications please contact the webmaster

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