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Test Driving School
Driving on the Road for the First time

Learn to drive with our online driving course. Made simple by using a step by step method of training with notes pictures and videos for only £8 a month.  This site has been built to work alongside your driving instructor with our unique Training Matrix .

It has been built as an online training course for the learner wanting to learn to be a safe driver. Along with people wanting to help others, learn or improving their driving ability.

12drive has the same or similar lessons as a driving instructor. It has not been designed to replace the Driving Instructors. The Driving Instructors teach students using practical experience and training in a car. This costs a lot of money because the instructors need to run a car and a business. This often means the driving instructor needs to skip some of the training to save money. So training to pass your driving test becomes a fine balancing act of finance of training and the available money

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