Theory Test Training using Facebook Messenger

I have now created a Facebook page providing Theory Test Training using Facebook Messenger 
Do you want to know more about how you can learn to pass your Theory Test Training using Messenger
 I can help, I will be running Private messenger group sessions of between 1 and 6 people a time. If you don’t understand any questions or the answers and want to talk to someone, I am happy to help.
Please fill in the form below to book a Training session
Are you one of these people who is having trouble preparing for your theory test using the normal internet systems or by reading a book? I know of many people in my area who have asked me to run evening classes for the theory test to help them pass their theory tests.
With the current social distances lockdown restrictions. It is no longer possible for me to run evening or morning classes. 
Theory test training using facebook messengerHowever, by using my Theory Test Training Facebook Messenger Private Groups, I can offer training. People like you can book sessions of 1.5 hours working with me on a national basis. Some in the morning or some in the evening. 
Please fill in the form below then I will send you a link. Allowing you to pay online using a secure internet link that I have no access too. If you don’t have a credit or debit card I can take payment by PayPal. 
As you will have noticed this is part of my 12drive website if you want more information. Please follow this link to see all I offer. 
I have opened this page on my website and linked Facebook so I can offer help on a National Level. Instead of just working on a local level along with this practical training website which works on a National Level as well
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