Actual Route Planning

Route Planning Ideas 

Route Planning

What are you going to use to plan the journey? Internet / Sat Nav / maps / other methods

When we plan a journey we are likely to use different methods to plan the route. I want to consider what methods we could use & the pros & cons involved when we use them.

Internet for route planning– once you’ve planned the route how are you going to remember/follow the route? I find most people will print them off. No problem you might think. Normally I would agree. However, anything that distracts your attention from the road can lead to danger. It only takes a second you would think to look & decide where to go. If you think at 60mph you are travelling at over 100 feet per second or 31 meters a second what can happen in that time? Someone steps out or drives out in front of you & you hit them.

What’s the alternative perhaps stopping before you look?

Another problem what happens if there is an accident or road works how are you going to deal with that?

Sat Nav – this tends to be a more common way of doing thinks now but there are limitations what are you going to do if something goes wrong? The Sat Nav might not be up to date so it could direct you down a one-way street so extra care should be taken that when following the directions you take extra observation to see that what you are told to do is going to be safe.

Route Planning using Maps – maps have the same problem as using the internet but has the advantage that if you have to deal with accidents or road works causing you to have to take a diversion you can stop & plan another route.

Time – when route planning a journey you are recommended to make a rest stop every 2 hours or else tiredness can creep in & cause dangerous driving. Also sometimes you might have to make allowances to fill up for fuel or a meeting someone on the way. Sometimes you should also plan for the return journey it might be worth making a rest stop overnight so you don’t drive tired. You might consider travelling in towns & cities outside the rush hours so to reduce the fuel cost of standing still.

Consider the alternatives as with these entire topics I have discussed I would ask you to consider any alternative should anything go wrong.

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