Cockpit Checks

Cockpit drill


When entering a vehicle, make sure you can open the door safely without causing any hazard to anyone about you.

Also once in make sure that all doors are closed safely in your vehicle. Make sure that the Handbrake is on & the Gears are Neutral.

When driving try to make sure that what you are wearing is comfortable & does not restrict your movement or catch any of the controls.


(HC 97)

Doors make sure all doors are closed securely

The seat belt should not be twisted & you should know the law as for drivers (HC 99 – 101)Seat and head restraint make sure you have adjusted your seat so you can see, reach the wheel with your arms slightly bent & drive safely reaching all the controls & steering wheel

Steering Wheel. If the Steering wheel has an adjustable height to adjust the wheel position to suit you.

Mirrors front & rear know how to adjust (HC 161)

Controls & Instruments 

HAND CONTROLS             (HC 97)

Handbrake (Parking brake)

Gears (Where are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th gears?)

Steering (How to hold and turn using the push & pull method, steering lock PAS)


What is the MSM method?


(HC 229, p128

Demisters – front & rear

Lights, including fog & hazard

Wipers – front and back

Other controls – dependent on the type of car – horn, choke etc.


Know what the different warning lights are that can be displayed on your car control panel.

STARTING                          cockpit drill

Secure?  (Handbrake/gears in neutral)

Ignition (How many stages / how does it start the car?)

FOOT CONTROLS      cockpit drill       

Accelerator, or “gas” – right foot – How to use it.

Break – right foot – How to use it. Progressive, ABS

Clutch – left foot – How to use it.

Practice clutch control so that you know where the biting point is & how it works.


Setting your Mirrors

 Cockpit Drill Adjusting Your Mirrors
 Hand Controls and Dashboard Lights Foot Controls
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