Compensation for a Missed Test

 Compensation for a Missed Test

 A driving test can be cancelled by the Driving Standards Agency with no more than 3 days notice without invoking any penalty. Also a driving test can be cancelled on the day if the weather is not safe enough to conduct a test, if this happens the test will be rescheduled without any further cost at the earliest time the DSA have available.

However if due to operational needs a test is cancelled within 3 working days of a test date or on the test day then Compensation can be claimed. Follow this link to download the necessary form. Please note any monetary claims will have to be proved by the candidate i.e. his instructors fees (a bill or receipt), loss of earnings (a letter on headed note paper from the candidates employer how much the candidate lost)

Please note the DSA will not pay for extra lessons linked with a test or any extra lessons you might take before retaking your test.

Download Claim Form

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