Dealing with being Old (Sage Training) or Disabled

SAGE Safe driving with old AGE We all know that we gain wisdom & experience as we mature, SAGE Safe driving with old AGEbut we can also be unaware of some of the bad habits we can acquire during many years of driving. Growing older involves many (perhaps unwelcome) physical changes. Some people do not have the good health & mobility that they had when they were younger.

These facts can make driving more stressful & less enjoyable. If you have a partner & can both drive you may wish to share the driving, this will keep you both in practice. If one of you has to give up driving, the other will still be confident enough to drive. The SAGE process looks at these changes in a positive light by helping older drivers adapt their driving to overcome them. In short SAGE provides drivers with the support, guidance & coaching necessary to continue driving for as long as it is safe to do so.

What is involved in SAGE Safe driving with old AGE

Health and Medication A medication review is undertaken to determine if any medicines being taken currently are likely to affect driving. A health review is needed to ensure that any medical problems that may reduce the ability to drive safely have been considered. Both these reviews can be done by your practice nurse or GP. A simple form is provided to confirm that there are no medications being taken or medical conditions known to exist that may make driving dangerous or illegal.

Old Age eye testVision Vision is vital to safe driving & regular eye examinations are important for all drivers. You should have had an eye examination less than a year before a SAGE Safe driving with old AGE assessment. If you have a medical condition which has affected your field of view you should ask your doctor to arrange a field test. Your ability to read a number plate at 67 feet, which is a legal requirement for all drivers, will be checked at the start of the driving assessment. On the assessment you will be asked to read a number plate to check your eyesight is at or above the legal minimum requirement.

Driving Assessment The driving assessment is definitely not a test as it is in your own car, with an experienced driving assessor, on roads you are familiar with. You will be able to talk about your performance as the drive progresses & you will be given a confidential written report at the end of the drive. Once you have completed the program you will be better informed & hopefully more confident about your driving.

Old age drivingHow Can I Take Sage Safe driving with old AGE? Because SAGE is intended to be a three stage process it is best if you ask your GP or practice nurse if they are willing to arrange for you to have a health & medication review. They may be able to complete the review form simply by reference to your medical notes or they may ask you to see the practices nurse. If you are under the care of a consultant you can ask them to refer you to SAGE. Cost unfortunately the SAGE assessment cannot be provided free, a charge is made to cover costs of the practical drive & administration costs, and the current cost is given on the enclosed application form.

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