Driver Distractions

Driver Distractions

Driver DistractionsWhile driving we can have to deal with many Driver Distractions. Such as switching on or off the radio, scratching your nose, looking at a Sat Nav or changing a CD. When driving you to need to take this into account because at 60mph you will be travelling over 100ft a second.

A driver is distracted when they pay attention to a second activity while driving. People cannot always safely multi-task in this way, especially if the second activity is time-consuming or complex.

In theory, there are as many potential causes of Driver Distractions as there are things to which drivers could pay attention. In reality, however, drivers tend to prioritise information so that they pay the most attention to information or activities needed for driving.

driver distractions 1Driver Distractions can be either driver initiated (where the driver starts carrying out a distracting activity) or non-driver initiated (the unpredictable actions of something or someone else).

Some times the driving distractions come from the passengers

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Mobile Phones

Although mobile phones provide an essential means of communication, they represent a danger they create Driver Distractions.  The making or receiving of calls while driving can distract your attention enough to cause an accident even when using a hands-free telephone.

The Law states that you must have proper control of your vehicle at all times.  If you have an accident while using a mobile phone, the penalties include an unlimited fine, with the possibility of disqualification and up to two years imprisonment.  This dangerous driving need not include using a mobile phone but include anything, which could take your eyes off the road like changing radio stations or changing a tape.

You should never use a handheld mobile phone while driving.  You should switch it off and use a messaging service or let a passenger use the telephone.

If you have a hands-free telephone, you are recommended not to drive while using the telephone but pull over and stop so that your attention is not distracted.

Remember that it is dangerous to use a mobile phone on petrol stations forecourt but not only can it affect the electrical equipment but also there is a risk of fire.

You will see that ALL OVER THE WORLD we have the same problem

Please don’t use your mobile while driving

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