Driving Alone for the first time

Driving Alone for the First Time

 Well done. You have passed your Driving Test.You are going to be Driving Alone for the First Time

Now you have to drive on your own I know you might want to start off with a member of you family or friend to give you confidence. This is fine, but there will still be a time when you will have to drive alone. Driving Alone for the First TimeHow about using a ‘P’ plates, they show other road users you’re new on the road and most people will give you a bit more time and consideration. Before Driving Alone for the First Time and you are going on your first Solo Journey why not have, a look at the section of this site called planning a journey? This might help you think about what you need to prepare for before going out on your own. Just a couple of quick tips.

  • Make sure you know where you are going – have a route planned & a map (which you can look at only when you have pulled up in a safe place)
  • Be prepared to ask for help
  • Tell someone where you are going & when you expect to arrive – then tell them when you get there
  • Why not take a mobile phone with you so you can let them know you’ve arrived or can ask them if you get lost (Just remember not to have it switched on while driving)
  • Remember that while driving you will always need to be looking for the problems Hazard Perception in real life can save people’s lives it’s not just for the theory test

May I wish you many years of safe driving? If you meet a situation you did not know how to deal with you can always go back and ask your driving instructor for help

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