First Aid on the Road

First Aid

 (HC 283 )

You are recommended to carry a first aid kit.

First Aid kit

If you have passed your theory test, you should have a basic knowledge of First Aid. Remember that there is a set of priorities like MSPSL that are for your and the casualties safety.

First aid.

Firstly, is it SAFE for you to enter the situation? If not stay clear or make it safe before entering. Secondly, you should make a quick assessment of the situation to decide your priorities. Your priorities are Airway – Breathing – Circulation in that order. If there are many people involved check that the emergency services are informed with all the necessary information they will need. If you start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation you should not stop until the casualty starts to breathe for themselves, you are informed to stop by a qualified person, or you are putting your self in danger.

When you are treating bleeding, if possible you should apply direct pressure to the wound and raise the wound above the heart level.

When treating burns you should cool the wound, as safely as possible but do not remove anything that might be attached to the wound

When treating shock do not let the casualty, drink anything until they have seen medical help. Keep them warm and reassure them. Make sure they keep safe.

You have some basic First Aid knowledge but is it enough? Giving the wrong treatment or incorrect treatment could only make the situation a great deal worse. If you do not hold a valid First Aid certificate, I would very strongly recommend you train for one.

Fast first aid tips

This page is a quick reference guide to all the key skills you’ll need for treating the first aid scenarios in this resource.

You can also download a PDF version

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