Car Insurance 

As a driver you will need to make sure the vehicle you are driving is properly insured for you to drive. There are various types of car insurance that you could have

car insurance

Third Party

The minimum and cheapest type of car insurance. Covers you for injury to others or their property but not for damage to your property or injury to yourself.

Third Party Fire & Theft

Also insures your car against theft and damage by fire.


In addition,to third party car insurance it covers most forms of damage to your vehicle and the possible replacement of parts and any personal injure to yourself or passengers


These vary depending upon:

How much “No Claims Bonus” you have earned

Your age if under 25 years old

Make of car

Power and engine capacity

Where you live

Proposed use of vehicle

Any court involvement

What is insured?

Check on what is covered by the small print of the policy. How much do you have to pay before the insurance company does? (Excess)

Certificate of Insurance

There are two types of certificate, the Simple Document and a Full Policy. The Simple Document is enough for most circumstances when asked for details of your Policy. The Full Policy has all the small print for your information.

Here is a link to the website outlining the rules about car insurance

Should the worst happen have a look at

You may be able to claim compensation from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) if you’ve been injured or your property has been damaged because of an uninsured or ‘hit and run’ driver.

Contact the MIB directly for more information – eg to find out what you can claim for, the deadlines for claiming and how to claim.

Download ‘Making a claim: a brief guide’ (PDF, 300KB)

Accident Advice Help Line

Britain’s highways are a busy place these days. With so much congestion on the roads and people usually rushing to get to workplaces, appointments and meetings, it is no wonder that the number of road traffic accident claims are on the rise every year.

Every day we handle cases involving injuries that have occurred whilst on the road, from minor head and neck injuries, to more serious complications.

By seeking compensation for the victims of these accidents, the Accident Advice Helpline hopes to bring some justice to the situation, as well as giving the injured party the cash they need to help speed their recovery.

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