Learn how to Forward Bay park safely

Driving Forward into a Parking Bay then reversing out of the Parking Bay

 (HC 200- 203)

CARE LADA. Make sure that it is always safe, legal and convenient to complete the manoeuvre.

How the manoeuvre will be set up by the examiner               

On the test, the examiner will ask you to drive into a given Car Park and drive forward into a parking bay of your choice. I would recommend you stop in a safe place near several empty parking bays and decide which one you will use.


Once you have decided which bay you want to drive into set the car, so you stop on the other side of the driveway the bay is in. Then line the car up using the front door window as a guide. So that when you do a sharp turn into the parking bay the car drives into space. As a basic guide, I prefer to line the door mirror up with the first line of the parking bay you want to drive into.

Because there can be different circumstances that will cause the car not to go into the bay nicely. I would advise you that you can reverse back out of the bay and drive forward so you can correct your position. The examiner will not want you to drive through a car park space

Because of the variables of turning into a small space, I have suggested to my students. That they imagine they are turning into a small road this seems to help. Once they parked within the parking bay the examiner will ask them to reverse out of the bay. Then to make their way out of the car park.

During the manoeuvre, the student will be expected to make effective all-round observations every time they move forward or backwards. The easiest way of thinking about an all-around check is to think of it as a shoulder check. Starting on the left shoulder, then the left door mirror, looking forward, then the rear-view mirror. Followed by a left door mirror and left shoulder check.


To complete this manoeuvre successfully the best way is to keep the speed of the car as SLOW as you can while making BIG TURNS of the wheel as QUICKLY as possible.  Remember you might need to use the brake as well as clutch control when Bay Parking.  If another vehicle comes along STOP, consider moving out of the way, consider getting eye contact to confirm what the other drivers are going to do also think about opening your window to hear any approaching traffic. Wait until any traffic or a pedestrian commits themselves before committing yourself. Remember 360-degree observation before moving off.  No dry steering.  Try opening your window a little so you can hear any approaching traffic.



Co-ordination of controls – Good clutch control No crossing of hands

Observations – Making sure it is safe to continue always.  Considering eye contact to confirm what the other road users are going to do.

Accuracy – not touching the kerb or pavement

Time – you will be expected to take only a reasonable time and not to cause inconvenience to other road users.

Forward Bay Park

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