Mobility scooter

Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs


There are two types of Mobility Scooter Powered Wheelchairs – Class 2 for use on pavements (Limited to 4 mph). Class 3 allowed on single carriageways (limited to 8 mph) Take care when driving to look out for these Mobility Scooter when they are joining or leaving the pavement as they will take more time because they are limited in speed and need to move at right angles to the pavement. mobility-scooter_2191280bWhen moving off the pavement onto the road, you should take special care. Before moving off, always look round and make sure it’s safe to join the traffic. Always try to use dropped kerbs when moving off the pavement, even if this means travelling further to locate one. If you have to climb or descend a kerb, always approach it at right angles and don’t try to negotiate a kerb higher than the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

When on the road, Class 3 Mobility Scooter should travel in the direction of the traffic. Class 2 Mobility Scooter users should always use the pavement when it is available. When there is no pavement, you should use caution when on the road. Class 2 users should, where possible, travel in the direction of the traffic. If you are travelling at night when lights MUST be used, you should travel in the direction of the traffic to avoid confusing other road users.

The Class 3 vehicle that use the Highway need to observe the same rules & regulations as everyone else is bound by. At night they must use lights and it is recommended that the rider also wears a reflective jacket. At junctions take extra care as Mobility Scooter are slow moving so they will take longer to complete the turning maneuver. Mobility scooter 2 When using a Mobility Scooter on a dual carriageway they must be fitted with flashing amber lights .

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