Moving off and Stopping 

Moving off and Stopping  (HC 159 )  

The procedure for moving off and stopping

Moving off and Stopping



Clutch down, select First Gear, set Gas and bring the Clutch up to biting point

(Feeling as though the car is ready & wanting to move)


Look forward & backwards (Using your Mirrors) Looking to see if there is anyone around that needs to see a signal (HC 103 -104)


Be ready to release the handbrake.  MAKE A FINAL SAFETY CHECK – Look over your appropriate shoulder / blindspot to see if there are any potential problems. Is it safe to Move?

When it is safe, set the gas then release the handbrake and at the same time gradually bring the clutch up so that the vehicle begins to move. You might need some extra gas as well, try to keep the car smooth


Generally about 3 ft from the kerb.    (HC 160)


6″ – 18″ from the kerb.  SLC?  Know how close to the kerb the car is. (HC 238 – 247)


Check the Mirrors, Signal as necessary, off the gas, then brake progressively, and then move over to the kerb using the brake as necessary. (HC 238 -252) Just before stopping, depress the clutch and brake to a complete stop. Remember to choose a place that is Safe, Legal and Convenient. You should be able to stop the car at a selected spot. Try practicing stopping at different speeds & different paces. Sometimes at very slow speed you might find putting the clutch down before the brake helps keep better of the control of the car. Once you have stopped & are going to be stationary for a period of time you should put on your hand/parking brake, and then put the car into neutral before taking your feet off the pedals.

Reasons for applying the handbrake before taking the car out of gear when stopping at the road side. If you stop then take the car out of gear before putting the handbrake, on there could be an occasion were a car does not recognise you have stopped & drives into the back of you the handbrake will give you a chance of not moving, but no handbrake means the car is jolted forward to hit anything that might be in front of you such as another road users. Also if you are on a hill then the car might roll up or down the hill and hit another road users.

Once you have stopped you will have completed the moving off and stopping section of learning to drive


(You should be able to change gears without having to look.)   When changing let the gas up and press the clutch down at the same time.  Move the gear lever into the desired position. Now let the clutch up smoothly and press the gas gradually.  You will find it useful to know what different ranges of power and speed each gear has.  Try practicing changing gears up & down at different speeds

Coasting it is unsafe to Coast (Not in Gear or Clutch down separating the gear box from the Engine). this is not necessarily part of the moving off and stopping idea but You will coast for a period every time you change gear but if you coast for more than 2 -3 car lengths then you could be creating a problem over car control. Also some driver’s coast when going round corners this reduces the control of the car.


Good braking comes from good anticipation and knowing the limitations of your vehicle. Taking into account not only the road situation you are coming to, such as road condition, type of surface and weather but also giving your self time to slow down or stop & avoiding skidding. Using Progressive Braking, which is a light pressure to start gradually, increasing the pressure till the car, starts to stop then releasing the pressure slightly as you stop

If you have any questions about moving off and stopping please contact us and we will try to help you.

Mirror Signal Maneuver  

Your Instructor is likely to start talking about a system called Mirror Signal Maneuver. On the video page is an explanation as to why we need to use mirrors. When you start looking at Junctions the concept of Mirror Signal Maneuver will be explained to you in more detail


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