New Drivers Act & Code

New Drivers Act & Safety Code

 New drivers Act 

The Act states that any driver or rider who now passes their practical test who accumulate 6 or more points on their license after passing their test will have their license revoked. To get there license back they will need to reapply for a provisional; license and retake there tests both theory & Practical test. When they get their full license back it will have the points previously accumulated added.

 Safety Code for New Driversnew drivers act

There is now a Safety Code for New Drivers that work alongside the New Drivers act.

It has been noticed that 1 in 5 of all new drivers are involved in an accident within the first 2 years of driving and 1 in 4 are involved in a fatal accident.

Here are some of the recommendations as in the Highway Code

Most of the worst collisions happen between midnight & 6 am so as a new driver try not to avoid theses times unless necessary.

If you are driving with passengers you are responsible for them. So tell them you need to concentrate on your driving and not to distract you.

Never show off or compete with other drivers.

Do not drink & drive that means not drinking up to 24 hours before driving. Also do not take drugs before driving that can affect your driving, not only illegal ones but those you can buy from the chemist for some can also affect your driving.

Make sure all your passengers wear there seat that is fitted in the car.

Keep your speed down because many serious collisions happen because the driver loses control particularly on bends.

Many new drivers find that unless they have more experience of driving more powerful cars than the first few months of driving a car more powerful car increase the chances of having an accident.

Remember to make sure your car is insured for you at all times.

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