Other Road Users

Other Road Users who to look for

Other Road Users


Bike-Blog--Cambridge-Univ-006As a car driver you need to be aware of other road users such as bicycles. You will need to be on the constant look out for them.

Now what times & places do you think you will need to be on special look out bicycles?

I would suggest at junctions as you approach them because you might be turning & cause a cyclist to have to take action because you were not looking out for them or thinking about the possible cycle being there.

At Night many other road users including cyclists tend not to cycle with lights or hi-viz jackets on. They tend to use dark clothes as well. So while you are driving watch out for moving shadows to give you a clue that someone is there.




With Motorcycles there are particular times you need to Safe Ridinglook out for them. Like bicycles you need watch out at junctions. Not only are they harder to see motorcycles can travel faster than cars. If turning right into a side road remember to also look in our blindspot before turning in case there a motorcycle there also if you are going to overtake make a blindspot check again for the same reason.

At night you will need to take extra care because motorcycles have only one light & they are harder to see. There has been a good saying when emerging from a junction think once think twice think Bike.






Tractor_on_the_road_from_Shredicote_Farm_-_geograph.org.uk_-_400942Tractors in the Rural Area can tend to be a drivers nightmare. Mainly they cause a problem because they are a slow moving vehicle. Drivers tend to get frustrated because they take longer to overtake.

When overtaking make sure that you can overtake safely just because the car in front has managed to overtake does not mean you can. Before you overtake remember to look out for the good old motorcycle.

If you’re stuck behind a tractor just give yourself some extra time to get to your destination it is better to be a few minutes late rather than a few years early to your death.


Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooterThis is a new topic for many drivers do not think about concerning other road users, how do you deal with Mobility Scooters? There are 2 basic type’s class 1 or class 3. Class 1 are limited to 4 mph & are only allowed on the pavement. Class 3 are allowed on the road & are limited to a maximum of 8 mph. Have a read of the links below to find out more about Mobility Scooters. Just keep an eye out for the scooters, be aware that the drivers might not be aware of the safe driving concepts of today’s driving. I have even seen drivers on the wrong side of the road. There are no training courses I’m aware of to help people understand their responsibilities of driving these vehicles



Pedestrians on the Road

pedestriansAs a driver you will have been trained to keep a lookout for pedestrians crossing while passing parked cars and at the end of the road or when driving into a road.

There are other times to be careful; when there are no pavements (when they should be walking towards you on your side of the road) at night hopefully they will be wearing some reflective material so it would be easier to see them.  Organised walks when they should have a look out in florescent or reflective clothes.

Try to remember to keep an eye open for young children as they are likely to make mistakes.

At pedestrian crossings remember if there is a central island to consider them as 2 separate crossings.


Large Goods Vehicles

lgvLarge Goods Vehicles tend to be an everyday occurrence. Give your time extra times when travelling behind them, give yourself extra time to overtake them. Also remember that they have larger turning circles than the car so when they are turning round corners or roundabouts remember to give them extra room.  Large goods vehicles legally have a reduced speed limit have a look below for links to help you understand how to deal with them.



https://www.gov.uk/using-the-road-159-to-203/roundabouts-184-to-190  Paragraph 187

https://www.gov.uk/road-works-level-crossings-tramways-288-to-307/level-crossings-291-to-299 Paragraph 294





Coaches & Buses

CoachCoaches & Buses again tend to be an everyday occurrence. Now they tend to present more problems than lorries because they can be stopping more often than lorries also there can be problems when they pull away. Remember that in the Highway Code buses has priority when pulling off from a bus stop. Have a look at Highway code Rule 223




deer-signWhen driving we always need to be on the lookout for animals on the road are other road users look at what the highway Code says remember Wild Animals can do anything especially if frightened. If you see pets on a lead they are normally not a problem unless the owners make a mistake. However when dealing with horses give them room & times try not to make loud noises or get too close because you can frighten them & the rider might not be able to cope.





tramsTrams can cause you problems because they are limited in where they can move & stop on the road. Please have a look at the link



Emergency Service

emergency service vehiclesWhile driving take care to watch out for emergency vehicles. Just because you see or hear an emergency vehicle you don’t need panic. As they approach watch what the other traffic is doing and then try to match them. Try not to get in the way of the Emergency Vehicle. Please look at the You Tube link.




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